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Educational Asia Tours are a great way to experience Asia in all its ancient glory. With so many wonderful countries, exotic landmarks, and things to learn, these destinations are worth so much more than just a regular vacation!

The various Educational Asia Tours include some of the most memorable and unique experiences you’ll ever have. Whether you’re a fan of different cultures and languages, an avid history buff, or just want to see the breathtaking, exotic scenes, our Educational Asia Tours have an amazing Learning Tour opportunity for you and your entire family!

Thailand, India, and Vietnam highlight the destinations available. Wherever you want to go, Educational Asia Tours can take you to a vibrant culture, fascinating history, and some of the rarest and oldest landmarks on the planet!

With your Professional Tour Guide, visit the most exotic and scenic lands on the beautiful continent while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime, that you don’t even have to plan! 

Educational Asia Tours cover the greatest destinations on the continent: Open the door to the rich history and culture of Thailand and experience the ancient temples and impressive gardens surrounding Bangkok. Enjoy a Learning Tour of India and witness the majestic Havelis of Rajasthan and the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas, along with the incredibly unique wildlife in the esteemed National Parks.

Also, Educational Asia Tours offer you the opportunity to indulge in a Food Tour of Vietnam or immerse yourself in something new with a Language Immersion and Culture Tour.
These Educational Asia Tours are available for anyone who has an affinity for travel, ancient landmarks, wildlife, scenic views, or learning! Whether you’re passionate about wildlife conservation, someone who enjoys exploring ancient temples and botanical gardens, or someone who wants to get to know a new language and culture, we have a tour for you! No previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because you’ll be learning everything along the way, expanding your knowledge of Asia and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

Educational Asia Tours are also great opportunities to expand your group! Get together with fellow travel, history, and Asia lovers from anywhere in the world! Build friendships, explore new places, and make unforgettable memories!

Worldaway Tours offers a special variety of Educational Asia Tours that will take you to the very best Ancient Landmarks, Museums, Marketplaces, and National Parks a country has to offer, all with fun opportunities to explore, luxurious accommodations, carefully thought-out itineraries, and professional tour guides to make your Educational Asia Tours an unforgettable experience and the trip of your life!


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Tour Options

The ultimate mountain leadership course! Seven international certifications and access to a global network for job opportunities!

85 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Spend an exciting month sharpening your culinary skills and master the art of authentic Thai Cuisine!

29 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Photograph the changing landscape & capture the natural beauty of Nepal! This is the course for you!

21 Days4 - 20 PERSONS