Welcome to Australia!

Worldaway Tours presents one of our most Educational Tours Destinations: The Continent, the Country, the Myth, the Marvel: Australia!

Australia is the Vacation Destination of a lifetime, and what better way to see it than with the help of Professional Tour Guides, fascinating subject matter available through our courses and tours, and the opportunity to get to know a new culture, a compelling history, and experience more beautiful wilderness than you’ve ever seen!

The Australia Tours’ Possibilities are nearly endless. We offer educational adventures in many different categories: Culture & History Tours, Environment & Conservation Tours, and even Sport and Fitness Tours! These are just a few the different kinds of tours available in Australia-the best place on Earth to learn about a new culture, experience amazing wildlife and scenery, and have every different kind of environment available at your fingertips-big city to rural, mountains to beaches, huge waves to imposing rock faces!

Of course, you could travel to Australia on your own. See some sights, travel around, relax on the beach. And you’d have a great time. But a Worldaway Eduational Australia Tour is something else entirely: It is a life-changing journey into a country’s history, a unique culture, and an opportunity to learn and enjoy on exclusive excursions, guided tours, and personal experiences that will leave you with a deeper connection with this wonderful country than a week of laying on the beach ever could!

On a Culture & History Tour of Australia, our Professional Tour Guides will take you to some of the most famous and scenic cultural landmarks, museums, and cultural hotspots that Australia has to offer. Tour the Sydney Opera House, enjoy the National Museum of Australia for a glimpse into their history, and the Australia National Maritime Museum of Sydney for Historical and Cultural Edification along with breathtaking coastline views!

Environment & Conservation Tours of Australia will open your eyes to the natural side of Australia in ways that few will ever experience. With Guided Tours of the top Nature Experiences on the continent (Like the Kimberley of Western Australia, Tasmanian Wilderness Adventures, Ningaloo Reef, the Wetland Safari of Kakadu, or the Great Barrier Reef off Queensland), the Educational Conservation Australia Tours play host to natural wonders and adventures that will bring you up close and personal with exotic animals of the land and sea along with views that nowhere else on Earth can boast.

Sport and Fitness Australia Tours are a rare chance to plunge yourself into the Oceanic Culture of Australia, whether it’s surfing the waves or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef. Novice or knowledgeable, beginner or expert, our Professional Tour Guides will meet you right where you are and teach you the necessary skills to enjoy the famous mavericks of Australia’s coastline and all of its exotic sea-life!

Stocked with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Educational Australia Tours will take your breath away and send you home with so much more than just a few pictures for your social media. Leave this beautiful place with lifelong memories, life-enhancing skills, and unforgettable experiences with a group of travelers who share your love for learning abroad!


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Tour Options

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Experience & learn about coastal, marine, wetland, forest & urban ecosystems in our 5 Day Adelaide Conservation Study Tour!

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