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Plunge into Southern Africa on one of our most unique journeys yet! Educational Botswana Tours give you the rare opportunity to learn, see the world, and come face to face with exotic animals all in one amazing Educational Vacation!

A once-in-a-lifetime Educational Botswana Tour will open your eyes to a brand new world: new knowledge, new experiences. You’ll also get to know a part of the world, witness scenery, wildlife, and a culture that most people would never dream of in their lifetime!

Educational Botswana Tours come in a variety of activities, subject matters, and timeframes! All the fun, exciting, and of course, educational, tours fall into three categories: Language Tours, Culture & History Tours, and Environment & Conservation Tours! Journey around this beautiful country as you meet the people of Botswana, engage with them and learn their language, or simply enjoy the exotic animals on Safari and the conservation methods the country uses to protect their habitats!

Why not add some value to your life instead of spending two weeks wasting time on a regular vacation? Yes, there will be relaxation and OF COURSE there will be fun! But Educational Botswana Tours also give you the rare opportunity to learn about this diverse culture, the unique language, and these beautiful protected animals from experts in their field! Lovers of learning rejoice!

A Culture & History Tour is the perfect combination of tourism and tutelage! Travel to the most exciting of Botswana’s man-made and natural tourist attractions and be edified on the historical significance of each breathtaking wonder. With behind the scenes tours and in-depth, firsthand learning opportunities, Botswana Tours play host to unique entertainment and exciting educational journeys that are exclusive to this fascinating country.

On a Language Tour of Botswana, get a taste for the ancient language of the locals: Setswana! A beautiful and interesting language, Setswana is the national language of Botswana and is the most widely spoken besides English. You’ll travel to historical landmarks, enjoy gorgeous nature scenery and hikes, and immerse yourself in the culture of Botswana with the intent to put your Setswana skills to use!

Environment & Conservation Tours are among some of the most coveted Safari Experiences on the planet. Featuring fascinating wildlife like the Big Five (Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion, and Rhinoceros) and other exotic species, the National Parks and Conservations of Botswana are filled to the brim with excitement, close encounters with these amazing beasts, and opportunities to give back to the natural habitat that flourishes in the country. Alongside Professional Tour Guides, enjoy Nature Treks, River Boat Cruises, and Exciting Safaris through the bush on an Educational Conservation Botswana Tour!

One of the most exhilarating tour lineups we have, Botswana Tours are as diverse as they are fun, as educational as they are entertaining! Witness the natural beauty, exotic wildlife, and fascinating history and culture of a country that represents Africa to a tee!

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