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Welcome to Central America!

Take an Educational Vacation to one of the most exotic regions on Earth!

Educational Central America Tours take you to a region so diverse, scenic, and fun that it’ll be hard to choose where to go! Central America is home to vibrant cultures, breathtaking scenery, historical intrigue, and natural wonders, and the countries available on the Educational Central America Tours offer once in a lifetime opportunities that travelers with a love of learning simply can’t miss!

The various Educational Central America Tours include some of the most immersive, enriching, and overwhelmingly beautiful experiences you’ll ever have. Whether you’re a fan of ancient archaeology, an architecture aficionado, a history buff, eager to dive into different cultures and languages, or first-hand, on-location learning, our Educational Central America Tours are an amazing opportunity to Study Abroad, for students and non-students alike.

From Costa Rica to Mexico, Central America hosts some of the most desired vacation hot spots and historical learning opportunities in the world. At the heart of the New World, these Educational Central America Tours offer a unique glance at the crossroads between ancient civilization and then modern day settlers who first arrived in the area, bringing all new methods of man-made wonder and cultural enlightenment that every traveler can now enjoy.

Whatever destination you choose, Educational Central America Tours will open your mind and eyes to people, places, wildlife, and history as you’ve never seen it before.

With your Professional Tour Guide, visit historical wonders like the Mayan Temples or the Stone Spheres of Finca 6! Hike up active volcanoes or witness the gorgeous beaches and crystal blue waters of Cancún along with rare animal and marine life!  Travel through the Costa Rican countryside and explore the markets of Mexican cities. Central America has everything to offer for the trip of a lifetime!

Educational Central America Tours give you real, valuable, first-hand Learning Tour Opportunities while also showcasing the most awe-inspiring tourist attractions Central America possesses. Dive deep with a Language and Cultural Immersion Tour of Mexico or a 10 Night Costa Rican Culture Tour to master your Spanish speaking or keep it light by indulging in a Food Tour of the region for those of you who need a little bit of Comida Mexicana!   

You truly can experience it all in this region. On an Educational Central America Tour, you can walk the streets of Mexico City or San Jose, taking exclusive tours of the amazing venues like the National Theatre in Costa Rica and a myriad of Cathedrals in Mexico! Also, treat yourself to the Food Tour of the Mexico that includes cooking tips from the pros themselves in Professional Cooking Classes, all while immersing yourself in the culture of the region with excursions such as the Coffee Experience, Ancient Weaving Classes, and the Sugar Mill Experience of Costa Rica!

These Educational Central America Tours are available for anyone who has a desire to learn history, see beautiful architecture, travel, and further their knowledge of places and people! Whether you’re passionate about Mexican History, wanting to explore the amazing scenery of Costa Rica, or needing some firsthand learning opportunities to practice your Español, we have a tour for you! No previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because everything you need to know will be provided to you by your local guides! Expand your knowledge of the world, step into a new culture, and experience something new, something amazing, on these incredible Educational Central America Tours.

That’s not all! Along with the experience of a lifetime, you could also make lifelong friends! On these Educational Central America Tours, Make lots of friends who share the same interests as you! You’ll build relationships, explore new places, and learn a ton, all while making unforgettable memories (and spicing up those social media pages).

Worldaway Tours offers a large variety of Educational Central America Tours that include all the Historical Sites, Architectural Wonders, Museums, and Scenic Vacation Destinations that a trip to the region could offer, plus you’ll be educating yourself on the history and culture of a new place while enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

Our Education Central America Tours offer so many different exploration opportunities along with high quality accommodations, carefully thought-out itineraries, and professional tour guides that will make your Central America Vacation the trip of a lifetime.


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Visit the land of awe-inspiring scenery, exotic animals and friendly faces on this magical mini-tour of beautiful Costa Rica.. PURA VIDA!

12 Days4-16 persons

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7 - 85 Days1 - 30+ persons