Welcome to China!

China may be one of the most well-known countries on Earth, but mysteries abound within its borders…mysteries that will be explored on some of the most incredible Educational Vacations we have to offer!

Once in a lifetime experiences await as you can learn, enjoy, and go behind the scenes of some of China’s most historical, famous, and culturally significant attractions!

Educational Tours China include rare opportunities to experience one of the most storied and unique cultures of world history. If you’re longing to see the world in a way that’s more valuable than just a few days lying on the beach, then seeing China with the help of Professional Tour Guides and carefully planned itineraries is going to change your life!

Some of the possibilities we have on tap include Language Tours, Culture & History Tours, and Science, Technology, and Engineering (Stem) Tours that allow you to get to know different cultural groups, learn from expert professors and professionals in their fields, and experience unforgettable moments along the way!

China Culture & History Tours take you to all of the fascinating parts of China-from local towns to large, bustling cities…from beautiful nature scenes to some of the most magnificent architecture on earth! Learn on the go with firsthand educational adventures!

China Language Tours are an amazing opportunity due to the growing importance of the Chinese Language. Many business experts say Chinese is becoming a much more globally spoken language, making it a very valuable skill to have in nearly any field. Learn from Professional Language Tutors and practice your skills in cultural immersion settings as you explore the language and the country on one spectacular trip!

China Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tours include the latest in scientific breakthroughs, engineering, and architectural learning explorations with some of China’s leaders in these fields. Learn from Professors and Professionals alike as you witness the scientific side of China, explore new architecture, famous tourist attractions, and different theories on the STEM Fields that you find most fascinating!

Along with cutting edge technologies, China also has a fascinating and endearing culture. Educational China Tours are filled to the brim with exciting opportunities, landmarks, attractions, and culturally immersive activities that will open your eyes to a brand new way of life!

Attractions like The Great Wall, Beijing National Stadium and Aquatics Center, and the famous Oriental Pearl Tower are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the experiences during a life-changing Educational China Tour.

Technology, adventure, and unique cultural all combine to create a trip that will add so much more value to your life than just a typical vacation!


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