Costa Rica

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Educational Tours Costa Rica open a gateway to a breathtaking new world!

During Educational Tours Costa Rica, you’ll dive into a culture, country, and scenery that is as magical as it is genuine, as beautiful as it is diverse! An adventurous place filled with natural wonders, a very unique people, completely packed with firsthand learning opportunities that involve a chance to familiarize yourself with Costa Rica down to its finest details!

Educational Tours Costa Rica have opportunities to learn about amazing historical events, experience vibrant communities, delectable cuisine, and natural scenery that will fill your camera roll to the brim! Costa Rica Culture & History Tours, Costa Rica Food Tours, and Costa Rica Language Tours are some of the Educational Tours Costa Rica that Worldaway Tours has available that anyone will love!!

FAR more than just your typical trip, Educational Tours Costa Rica have something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in learning about the unique culture, the fascinating historical intrigue, the language, the food, or the breathtaking scenes along the Costa Rican jungle and coastlines, Educational Tours Costa Rica will be the adventure of a lifetime!

Culture & History Tours are Learning Tours that let you dive into the scenes of Costa Rica’s historical landmarks and attractions. Visit the rare Costa Rican National Theatre that was built in the 19th Century and then explore the Guayabo National Monument (a World Heritage Site of Civil Engineering). An amazingly exotic treat on the Education Tours Costa Rica is the historic Turrialba Area, home to a diversity of ancient archeological structures (bridges, catchment tanks, and aqueducts) along with the chance to meet wonderful people!

Food Tours of Costa Rica are a deliciously entertaining way to learn new culinary skills from talented Costa Rican Cooking Instructors and experience the variety of tastes that the country puts on display! The world famous Spanish Cuisine available in Costa Rica is just a small part of the reason this trip will amaze you. Come for the food, stay for the exotic scenery, lifelong skills and memories to be made, and the rare Coffee and Handcrafting experiences that the culture has to offer!

Language Tours of Costa Rica are a fantastically fun opportunity to learn the Spanish Language while practicing the language with the fascinating local people and diving into their culture! Learn in exciting and challenging one-on-one and group settings from Professional Spanish Instructors in the mornings, and the afternoons are full of Learning Opportunities, Fun Tourism Sights, and immersive activities like Shopping, Coffee and Food Tours, and Museum/Architecture Tours!

To go along with the unique Costa Rican version of Spanish, Educational Tours Costa Rica put on display the breathtaking architectural and natural landmarks that will make it hard to leave! Visit places like Providencia, a fascinating rural community that will show you how to live off the land. Explore one of the rarest historical sites on Earth: The Stone Spheres of Finca 6! Another World Heritage site, this opportunity will blow your mind and have you wondering things you’ve never considered. The Territory of Terraba is also on the itinerary as local guides will show you the cacao and corn fields that make Costa Rica so delicious! Whether an experienced Educational Vacationer or new to studying abroad, you will find the experience of a lifetime on Educational Tours Costa Rica!


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Tour Options

Visit the land of awe-inspiring scenery, exotic animals and friendly faces on this magical mini-tour of beautiful Costa Rica.. PURA VIDA!

12 Days4-16 persons

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7 - 85 Days1 - 30+ persons