Welcome to Ecuador!

Lush diversity and tropical splendor await those fortunate enough to visit on one of our Educational Tours Ecuador; geographically just the second smallest country in South America, yet host to an extensive collection of engaging and exciting Learning Tours. When undertaking a tour in this haven of color, expect to discover and enjoy a wide range of biospheres, from the tropical jungle of the Ecuadorian Amazon to the bustling metropolis that is Quito, the sprawling yet surprisingly modern capital city of Ecuador.

Whether it be Language Immersion, History & Culture, or Environmental Conservation Tours that draw you, all visitors to Ecuador will have the opportunity to uncover its breathtaking sights, astounding scenery, warm tropical weather and equally warm locals. Ecuador is guaranteed to provide tour participants with an unforgettable experience!

Our Ecuador Tour options include a not-to-be-missed Galapagos Island Escape, which offers an incredible opportunity to learn about marine biodiversity and witness first hand the spectacular creatures that inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – including several species of giant turtles, sea lions and seals, penguins (yes penguins!), and of course the iconic Galapagos marine iguanas.

Join one of our Ecuador Learning Tours and gain an insight into your chosen field of study while experiencing this magical location!


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Tour Options

Reach for the sky on this truly unique, fully guided, hiking adventure - including a summit of the infamous Cotopaxi Volcano @ 5800m!

8 Days2 - 12 persons