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Educational Europe Tours are the best ways to visit one of the most historic and desired vacation destinations on Earth! With so many landmarks, things to learn, historical sites, and interesting people, the countries available on the Educational Europe Tours are Learning Tour opportunities that the modern day traveler cannot pass up!

The various Educational Europe Tours include some of the most memorable and unique experiences you’ll ever have. Whether you’re a fan of beautiful scenery (both natural and man-made), different cultures and languages, or first-hand history edification, our Educational Europe Tours are an amazing opportunity to Study Abroad, for students and non-students alike.

From Paris to Normandy, Rome to Sicily, Europe is home to the birthplace of modern day civilization and the origin of the history of the Western Hemisphere. Wherever you want to go, Educational Europe Tours can take you to a vibrant culture, fascinating history, and some of the most historical landmarks on the planet!

With your Professional Tour Guide, visit Landmarks like The Louvre and The Vatican. Paddle the canals of Venice and see the Eifel Tower as you dive into the countries of this storied region. Enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, that you don’t even have to plan! 

Educational Europe Tours cover the very best tourist attractions Europe has to offer but also give you firsthand Learning Tour opportunities: Enjoy a Language and Cultural Immersion Tour of France to work on your Français or treat yourself to a Wine Tour in the most famous wine regions in the world.

OR, on an Educational Europe Tour, you could experience firsthand the historic wonder of Rome-taking exclusive tours of the finest museums, historic landmarks, and Cathedrals as a part of the Italy History and Museum Tour.  Indulge in a Food Tour of Italy and taste for yourself the reason its cuisine is so world renowned, all while learning a thing or two about how to cook like a true Italian maestro.

These Educational Europe Tours are available for anyone who has an affinity for ancient history, beautiful architecture, traveling, and learning! Whether you’re passionate about Western History, can’t get enough of ancient Religious Architecture, or someone who enjoys exploring new places and cultures, we have a tour for you! No previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because you’ll be learning all you’ll need to know along the way, expanding your knowledge and surpassing that comfort zone on these amazing Educational Europe Tours.

That’s not all, though. Educational Europe Tours are also great opportunities to expand your group! Connect with fellow travelers who share the same interests as you! You’ll build friendships, explore new places, and learn a ton, all while making memories that will last a lifetime! (Not to mention all the cool pics you’ll get to post on your social media accounts).

Worldaway Tours offers a special variety of Educational Europe Tours that will take you to all the Historical Sites, Architectural Wonders, Museums, and Vacation “Must-Do’s” that a trip to Europe could offer, plus you’ll be furthering your education in whatever it is you’d like to open your mind to. Our Education Europe Tours offer endless opportunities to explore, luxurious accommodations, carefully thought-out itineraries, and professional tour guides that will make your European Vacation the trip of a lifetime.


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