Welcome to France!

Say “Bonjour!” to learning opportunities in France! Educational Tours France are great ways to dive into Europe: a new country, a proud people, and a vivacious culture full of wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes!

During once in a lifetime Educational Tours France, you’ll experience the history of a nation and learn the culture firsthand, broadening your knowledge of French History, language, democracy , developing an appreciation for a new culture, and making unforgettable memories.

Educational Tours France offer opportunities to see places and things that many people have never witnessed and learn firsthand about things that you just can’t get from a textbook! Language Tours, Culture & History Tours, and delicious Food Tours are some of the options that Worldaway Tours has for travelers to choose from to fulfill their need for more than just a vacation!

Educational Tours France are journeys in a European nation: learn about the people of France-their culture, their cuisine, their history, and their language.  Dive into this diverse, historic place full of beautiful natural scenery and amazing architecture that are a hallmark of the great nation.

Culture & History Tours are Learning Tours to the local attractions with historically amazing firsthand learning opportunities and interesting, thought provoking, and breathtaking cultural immersion activities.

Language Tours of France learn French from professional Language Teachers and practice with the people of France in entertaining marketplace settings!  On Educational Tours France in which you’d learn the language, you’ll engage in tours of the most scenic and historic spots and visit the popular tourist attractions like the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triumph!

Food Tours of France involve the sought after chance to learn the art of French cooking!  With intensive cookery sessions, learn the latest in French Food fads like Dinatoire (wine and plenty of finger food) AND more traditional classes like the Boulangerie, a classic French bread oven used to prepare a full 3 course meal!

Along with delicious cuisines, France has an incredibly historic, proud, and distinct culture.  Educational France Tours are filled with historical landmarks, marvelous architecture, and amazing natural scenery. Educational and jaw-dropping attractions abound in this place of rare experiences: Tour the Louvre and the home of French Democracy, witnessing the stomping grounds of the French Revolution, the beautiful coastline of Normandy, and Mont Saint Michel, an 8th century Monastery turned prison!

If you fancy Francais, you come for the history, or want to meet the People, France is the perfect place for an Educational Vacation.


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