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Educational Tours India include travels into other worlds: A chance to immerse yourself into a country, a people, and a culture that will open your eyes to places and things you’ve never seen!

During once in a lifetime Educational Tours India, you’ll experience the history of a nation and learn the culture firsthand, broadening your knowledge of Science, Technology, developing an appreciation for a new culture, and creating a plethora of unforgettable experiences.

Educational Tours India offer endless opportunities to see places and things that many people have never witnessed and learn about a multitude of subjects from more than just a textbook! Language Immersion, Culture and History, and Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tours are some of the Educational Tours India for travelers to enjoy if you’re craving a vacation that is simply more than a tourist trap.

Educational Tours India are journeys through an Asian nation that will offer a chance to learn about the people of India-their technologies, their struggles, their history, and their culture. Take it all in while enjoying the beautiful scenery and tourist attractions that make the typical vacationer flock to the scenic nation.

Culture and History India Tours are Learning Tours to the local attractions with historically amazing firsthand learning opportunities and entertaining, culturally immersive activities to some of the most attractive, endearing, and interesting parts of India.

Language Immersion India Tours: learn Hindi from professional Language Teachers and practice with the native speakers of the country in fun, unintimidating settings!  On Educational Tours India based around Language Learning, you’ll see the most scenic and historic spots, visit the popular tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal and the Gandhi Museum and Memorial!

Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tours involve the rare opportunities to consult with small town engineers and experience scientific theories in the STEM Field that you’ve never heard of before! Work with local automobile engineers to utilize limited resources to enhance impoverished communities.

Along with STEM Field Opportunities, India has a wonderfully endearing culture.  Educational India Tours are filled with historical landmarks, marvelous architecture, and amazing natural scenery. Educational and jaw-dropping attractions are in abundance: Tour the Taj Mahal and Gandhi Museum, consult with local engineers, visit places like the India Gate and Parliament House, and enjoy an insanely entertaining Camel Safari!

Whether you come for the Science, the Scenery, or the People, India is the perfect place for an Educational Vacation.


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