Welcome to Jamaica!

Educational Tours Jamaica take you to a Tropical Destination like no other!  Immerse yourself in the famed, whimsical culture and take in the amazing sights, sounds, tastes, and learning opportunities that the Rock has to offer!

During these exquisite Educational Tours Jamaica, experience both a country and a culture that have so much entertainment and so many firsthand learning opportunities at your fingertips as you get to know Jamaica to its core. Broaden your views on life, get to know a way of life that is so much different from yours, and experience unforgettable moments!

Educational Tours Jamaica take you to learn in a place of sandy white beaches, rugged jungle, vibrant marketplaces, and exotic cuisine. Culture & History Tours and Jamaica Food Tours, and Jamaica Language Tours are some of the Educational Tours Jamaica that Worldaway Tours has on tap for travelers to enjoy!

Educational Tours Jamaica are journeys into the soul of a Caribbean Nation that is home to a wondrous people: a proud culture, exotic historical heritage, along with breathtaking scenery like the Seven Mile Beach, a cultural landmark that is home to gorgeous sand, beautiful ocean scenery, and fascinating wildlife and people!

Culture & History Tours are Learning Tours that take you into some of the country’s most famous historical attractions. Both beautiful and full of historical significance, these natural wonders and man-made architecture sights are exciting and scenic. Enjoy Culturally Immersive Activities like experiencing a Jamaican Rum Tour, diving into the markets along the Hip Strip, and exploring the Bob Marley Museum!

Food Tours of Jamaica are deliciously entertaining tours with Professional Cooking Teachers and tasty surprises! The unique cuisine available in Jamaica and the wonderful teachers who will walk you through all of the intricacies of Jamaican cooking will wow you! Plus: Indulge in a Rum Tour that would make a pirate himself dizzy!

Along with amazing food and drink, stunning scenery and architecture, and a formative history, Jamaica also has a storied and adventurous culture. Educational Jamaica Tours are filled with cultural landmarks, beautiful national parks and beaches, and amazing learning opportunities at places like the Martha Brae River! Well-known tourist attractions and hidden gems are all a part of the Educational Jamaica Tours, and you’ll find yourself in love with this Caribbean Island before your trip is over!


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Tour Options

Discover the fascinating history, the diverse origins, and the unmistakable vibe of the worlds most iconic music genre!

14 Days2-12 persons

Experience first-hand what it really means to live the Rastafarian way of life on this truly unique Learning Tour!

14 Days2 - 18 persons

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of authentic Jamaican cuisine on this foodies dream tour!

14 Days2 - 18 persons

Capture the essence of Jamaica and indulge in its food, sports, music, and fascinating history on this truly unique travel experience!

14 Days2 - 12 persons