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Educational Morocco Tours allow you to immerse yourself into a country, a people, and a culture that have a rare blend of unique history, wonder, and vivacity unlike any in the world.

Once in a lifetime Educational Morocco Tours- experience the history of a nation and learn the culture firsthand, finding an untapped side of yourself that will not only have a newfound appreciation for a different culture, but also a wealth of knowledge and memories of unforgettable experiences.

The Educational Morocco Tours opportunities are nearly endless. Our job is take make sure you can hit as many places as possible in ways that will challenge you and help you learn from more than just a textbook! Language Tours, Culture and History Tours, and Environment & Conservation Tours are all available for travelers to enjoy if they’re seeking a vacation that can mean so much more than just a few pictures for social media.

Educational Morocco Tours are vacations that provide the chance to learn about the people-past and present- of Morocco on an equal parts scenic, yet enlightening opportunity to Study Abroad.

Culture & History Tours are Learning Tours that offer the best of both education and tourism: local attractions with historical value (in-depth, firsthand learning opportunities) and fun, culturally immersive activities to any spot you’d want to hit on a regular trip to the country.

Language Tours will give you the chance to learn the language of Morocco from professional Language Teachers and practice with the native speakers of the country.  Morocco Tours based around Language Learning still provide opportunities to see the most scenic and historic spots, visit the popular tourist attractions, and immerse yourself in the culture of cities like Rabat and Marrakesh.

Environment & Conservation Tours involve the rare animals that inhabit the largely Desert climate of Morocco. With wildlife like you’ve never seen, Morocco Tours will have you staring in disbelief and discovering the natural wonders of Africa.

Along with the wildlife, Morocco has a rich, lively, and unique culture.  Morocco Tours explore cities filled with magnificent architecture both modern and historic, along with the awe-inspiring scenery provided by the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the expansive Sahara Desert. Educational and jaw-dropping attractions such the Blue City of Chefchaouen, Casablanca, the sprawling textile mills, ancient fortresses like the Porte de la Marine and La Skala du Port, along with the Hassan Tower and Mohammed V Mausoleum of Rabat make Morocco Tours the perfect setting for an Educational Vacation.


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