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Educational Mozambique Tours offer transport into another world: immerse yourself into a country, a people, and a culture that will be unlike any place you’ll ever visit!

During once in a lifetime Educational Mozambique Tours you’ll experience the history of a nation and learn the culture firsthand, creating a broadened perspective, an appreciation for a new culture, and a wealth of unforgettable experiences.

Educational Mozambique Tours offer endless opportunities to see places many people have never witnessed and learn from more than just a textbook! Language Tours, Culture & History Tours, and Environment  & Conservation Tours are all on the menu of available Mozambique Tours for travelers to enjoy if they’re seeking a vacation that can mean so much more than a regular trip.

Educational Mozambique Tours are journeys through the African nation that provide the chance to learn about the people of Mozambique-historically and culturally all while enjoying the beautiful scenery, the tourist attractions, and Studying Abroad.

Culture and History Mozambique Tours are Learning Tours to the local attractions with historical value for firsthand learning opportunities and entertaining, culturally immersive activities to any spot you’d want to hit on a regular trip to Mozambique.

Mozambique Language Tours:  learn the language of Mozambique (Portuguese for those of you who don’t know) from professional Language Teachers and practice with the native speakers of the country.  Mozambique Tours based around Language Learning still provide opportunities to see the most scenic and historic spots, visit the popular tourist attractions, and experience cities like Maputo and the beautiful islands off its coast.

Environment and Conservation Mozambique Tours involve the rare animals that can be seen on Safari and the marine life that abounds in it waters off its shores. With marine life closer than you’ve ever seen, Mozambique Tours will have you staring in disbelief and discovering the natural wonders of Lugenda Wilderness Camp and the Seas of Africa.

Along with the wildlife, Mozambique has a rich, lively, and unique culture.  Mozambique Tours are filled with historical landmarks, marvelous architecture, and the awe-inspiring oceanic scenery. Educational and jaw-dropping attractions are in abundance: Swim with the Dolphins at the Ponta de Ouro, enjoy sailing and canoeing off the coast of Gaza, and view the gorgeous rocky scenes of the Arquipelagos. Whether you’re a history buff wanting to visit Nampula and the Ilha de Mozambique for the historical structures and culture, or you’re an animal lover wanting to experience the Lugenda Wilderness Camp, Mozambique Tours are perfect for an Educational Vacation.


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