Welcome to Nepal!

Educational Tours Nepal are full of wonder, adventure, and unique chances to immerse yourself in a culture that will open your eyes to new things and breathtaking sights!

During insanely fantastic Educational Tours Nepal, you’ll experience the culture of a nation and learn firsthand the things that make Nepal such a wonderful place, broadening your knowledge of gorgeous mountain ranges, getting to know the people, developing an appreciation for a new culture, and making amazing memories!

Educational Tours Nepal offer endless opportunities to see places and learn things that most people have never dreamed of! Culture & History Tours and Sport and Fitness Tours are some of the Educational Tours Nepal that Worldaway Tours has on tap for travelers to enjoy!

Educational Tours Nepal are journeys through an Asian nation that will offer a chance to learn about the people of Nepal-their proud culture, their unique heritage, and their remarkable way of life! Take it all in, learning lessons about unknown subjects while enjoying the beautiful scenery and tourist attractions that everyone wants to travel to Nepal to see!

Culture & History Tours are Learning Tours to the country’s most famous attractions with historically significant, firsthand learning opportunities and scintillating, culturally immersive activities to some of the most attractive, endearing, and interesting parts of Nepal like the Pashupatinath Temple and the Annapurna Circuit!

Sport and Fitness Tours available in Nepal are incredibly rare learning tours with Professional Mountain Climbing Guides and glacial adventures! The Kathmandu Slopes provide amazing training ground as you learn new skills, see amazing views, and meet fellow climbing lovers! You can even experience a Leadership Tour based around achieving your Mountain Guide Certification!

Along with wondrous mountain ranges, Nepal has a wonderfully exotic culture. Educational Nepal Tours are filled with historical landmarks, beautiful national parks, and stunning scenery that will make you never want to leave! Educational and jaw-dropping attractions are in abundance: The famed temple complex Swayambhunath and the rare wildlife of the Chitwan National Park provide the backdrop for you to meet the fascinating locals and dive into their way of life!

Whether you come for the Mountains, the History, or the People, Nepal is the perfect place for an Educational Vacation.


  • Hands-On Learning!
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Tour Options

The ultimate mountain leadership course! Seven international certifications and access to a global network for job opportunities!

85 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure & leadership training course in Nepal's spectacular Himalayan mountains!

21 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Photograph the changing landscape & capture the natural beauty of Nepal! This is the course for you!

21 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Want to really get your hands dirty? Join us on this totally unique tour and delve into the world of sustainable farming - in Nepal!

21 Days4 - 20 PERSONS