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Take an Educational Vacation to some of the most beautiful places on Earth!

Educational Pacific Tours take you to the breathtaking Pacific Rim, to lands so different from what you may be used to in every way! Combine one of the world’s most popular vacation areas AND take the opportunity to learn about the vibrant cultures and extravagant history of one of the most beautiful regions on Earth! The natural phenomena, diverse culture, and unique languages provide the perfect setting for an Educational Pacific Tour!

The variety of Educational Pacific Tours include some of the most entertaining educational and cultural immersion activities that WorldAway Tours has to offer! Fans of stunning scenery, ancient archeology, architecture, world changing history, or first-hand learning will enjoy these Educational Pacific Tours as a great opportunity to Study Abroad for students or regular travelers!

As one of the most exotic places on Earth, the Pacific Region hosts some of the best tourist attractions while also including some amazing learning opportunities! Educational Pacific Tours combine the ancient history of the region with the incredibly unique culture that has come to be such a staple of places like Fiji, Papa New Guinea, and the Cook Islands.

With your Professional Tour Guide, you’ll explore local villages, historical sites, and cultural landmarks like Fiji’s Garden of the Sleeping Giant. And marine lovers will delight in this region! On an Educational Pacific Tour, you’ll also enjoy Professional Diving Classes that give you the chance to see the Coral Reefs and swim with Sharks, all while also diving into the culture of the region with excursions such as the Walking Tours, Shopping Excursions, and wonderful nighttime scenic tours!

Also, learn some new skills! Whether it’s a Textile Mill Tour and Sewing Class or Professional Cooking Classes to learn to cook like a true Fiji Chef, the sounds, sights, flavors, and things to learn are endless!

These Educational Pacific Tours are available for anyone who has a desire to learn, see beautiful scenery, travel, and further their knowledge of places and people! Whether lying on the beach and diving in the ocean is your thing, or you’d rather hike up volcanoes and drink exotic coffee with the locals, we have an Educational Pacific Tour for you!

The best part is: no previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because everything you need to know, you’ll learn from our local guides and professors! Broaden your perspective on the world, witness the exquisite beauty of the region, and step into a diverse culture with these Educational Pacific Tours.

That’s not all! You’ll also meet new friends during these once in a lifetime experiences! On these Educational Pacific Tours, you’ll meet lots of fellow travelers who share your same interests as you do, giving you the opportunity to build relationships, explore new places, and learn a ton about your surroundings and yourself!

WorldAway Tours has many different Educational Pacific Tours that include all the Historical Sites, Architectural Wonders, Museums, and Gorgeous Vacation Destinations that all travelers want to spend time in, AND you’ll be learning the culture and history of a unique region!

Our Educational Pacific Tours also include high quality accommodations, carefully thought-out itineraries, and professional tour guides that will make your Pacific Vacation a comfortable and enjoyable opportunity for exploration and knowledge!


  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Qualified Tutors!
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  • Quality Accommodation!
  • Experienced Guides!
  • Unforgettable Eperience!


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