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When you visit Peru, you’ll see that it is a land where the artistry and spirit of its past civilizations are undimmed in the present. Vast Incan ruins, museums filled with gold, ceramics and handwoven textiles in rainbow-rich colors will all demonstrate the intrigue of this vibrant country. Plus, when you go on an Educational Tours Peru trip, you’ll meet the people who make this fascinating country what it is.

To start planning your trip to Peru, explore our most popular Peru Learning Tour packages below. Many of them, like Culture & History Tours, seamlessly combine a trip to Peru’s most iconic sites and hidden gems including the sparkling Lake Titicaca, colonial Arequipa, or the lush, wildlife-filled Amazon rainforest. We’ll take care of all the details to plan an unforgettable experience. Peru, a country rich in cultural history, boasts the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, Cuzco, as well as the spectacular city in the sky – Machu Picchu!

Take the opportunity to journey from Cuzco down to the Sacred Valley, to Aguas Calientes and finally to Machu Picchu – an adventure in and of itself, and sure to leave any seasoned traveler speechless. Along the way, you will learn about the traditions and practices of the Incan civilization, a civilization of incredible history. Wake up early and watch the fog lift as the sun rises over Machu Picchu, take this moment in and imagine this once flourishing city coming to life.

Language Tours of Peru are an amazing chance to learn Spanish in a country where it is a native language. Our Professional Language Tutors will help you learn a years’ worth of Spanish in just a few weeks!  You’ll also enjoy all the adventure and tourist attractions of the amazing countryside.

The essence of a Peru Learning Tour is to engage you in an educational yet exciting environment, and to ensure you come away from the experience with new insight. Get started exploring our Peru Learning Tour Packages today and work with one of our Travel Consultants to customize your dream Peru Tour!


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