Welcome to Thailand!

Educational Tours Thailand will take you far beyond your comfort zone and into a realm of learning, enlightenment, and wonder that you’ve never experienced before.

A life-changing, Educational Tours Thailand will not only leave you with a newfound knowledge and appreciation for a different culture, but also a wealth of understanding about the story of the nation and unforgettable experiences with the natives.

Educational Tours Thailand come in many varieties: Language Tours, Culture and History Tours, and Environment and Conservation Tours are available for travelers to enjoy if they’re seeking a vacation that can mean more than just a few days hanging out in another country.

Educational Tours Thailand will leave you with much more than just some pictures for your social media. Learn about the people-past and present- of Thailand on a scenic, yet enlightening History & Culture Thailand Tour.

Our Culture & History Thailand offers the best of both worlds: tourist attractions with historical value (in-depth, firsthand learning opportunities) and fun activities to help you get to know the pulse of Thailand as much more than a typical tourist.

Language Tours Thailand give you the chance to learn Thai from professional Language Teachers, all from the home country of the nation. Thailand Tours, even the language based variety, offer opportunities to see the most scenic and historic spots, visit the popular tourist attractions, and immerse yourself in the culture of Bangkok and other cities like Chiang Mai and Nakhon Ratchasima.

Thailand’s largest city by far, Bangkok, has a vivacious culture and a city filled with magnificent architecture both modern and historic, along with the natural beauty of canals and greenery dispersed through the city. Thailand Tours often center around Bangkok, as it offers attractions such as the Dusit Palace, Chatuchak Weekend Market, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, , the Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw, along with the nearby breathtaking Thailand Beaches.

Destinations outside Bangkok that help comprise these amazing Thailand Tour Learning Opportunities include many places that are within just a day’s trip. Tour the Ancient City in Samut Prakan for a trip back in time to the original Thai people and history.  Visit Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Siam, for majestic architecture including Buddhist Temples, structures and museums where the scenery is as mind-blowing as all the history that is to be learned. Also, you’ll see the splendor and detail of the Gardens of Kanchanaburi and the nearby waterfalls of the Erawan National Park.

The perfect setting for an Educational Vacation, Thailand Tours are a rare blend of modern, unique culture, natural wonder, and ancient architecture.


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Tour Options

Spend an exciting month sharpening your culinary skills and master the art of authentic Thai Cuisine!

29 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Savor the flavor and craft your culinary skills on this truly authentic Thai cooking experience! YUM!

15 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Experience the stunning beauty of Koh Samui while studying and perfecting your Thai language skills on this amazing 16 day tour!

16 Days2 - 10 Persons

Looking for a unique and meaningful tour option for your group? Check out our fully customized group tour options!

7 - 85 Days1 - 30+ persons