Welcome to Uganda!

Educational Tours Uganda open a gateway to a breathtaking new world!

During Educational Tours Uganda, you’ll see things you’ll never believe, experience the magic of the jungle, and get up close and personal to the wildlife and the culture! An amazingly adventurous country, Uganda offers natural wonders, a very unique people, and firsthand learning opportunities that will open your mind to a new way of life and a new way to treat the world around you!

Educational Tours Uganda have learning opportunities into the depths of fascinating jungle, historical landmarks, diverse communities, exotic cuisine, and breathtaking scenery! Culture & History Tours and Uganda Environment & Conservation Tours are some of the Educational Tours Uganda that Worldaway Tours can offer that will prove to be the experiences of a lifetime!

Educational Tours Uganda have something for everyone. Whether the educational vacationer inside of you longs to learn about the Ugandan Native Cuisine, its rare gorilla population, or the Conservation methods used by the nature lovers of the country, Educational Tours Uganda are the perfect way to get to know a country so unique and so rich in cultural diversity and wildlife that you’ll end the trip refreshed, with a new perspective on life, and secretly not wanting to go back home!

Culture & History Tours offer opportunities to see the historical landmarks and attractions of the beautiful country. Take a trip to the scenic Fort Portal that is home to fascinating animal life, a magnificent Crater Field, and even the Amabere g’ Nnyinamwiru Caves (a cultural landmark that is highly renowned in the area). You’ll even get to immerse yourself in the Ankole Cultural Tour at the “Local Cattle” Center, a most rare opportunity to spend your time with the native Banyankole Pastoralists, a unique group of people who inhabit an amazing place!

Environment & Conservation Tours are one of the most desirable Vacation Experiences on Earth. Nature lovers and travelers alike will delight in the chance to come face to face with the rare animals available in Educational Tours Uganda! Game Drives in the Ishasha Sector to see the world famous Climbing Lions, a Gorilla Trek into the amazing animal’s natural habitat for a close-up hangout with these gentle apes, and a trip to the Rhino Conservation are just a few of the highlights available on the 14 Night Ugandan Wildlife & Gorilla Conservation Tour, one of our most exciting and unique Educational Vacations to date!

To go along with the amazing natural wonder of the plants, animals, and landscapes of the country, Educational Tours Uganda put on display an amazingly unique culture! Uganda truly has it all! Spend time with the different jungle tribes of Uganda and witness their historical landmarks, or take a Boat Cruise along the Nile to witness the big game along its coast like lions, antelope, giraffes, elephants, and more!!

No matter what you’re looking for in an Educational Vacation, Educational Tours Uganda are guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime!


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Tour Options

Join us as we delve into the fascinating and varied cultures of rural Uganda on this exciting, action-packed learning tour!

15 Days2 - 12 persons

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