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Witness a magical world of motion and masterpieces on the Worldaway Tours Dance and Art Tours!

Worldaway Tours Dance and Art Tours are some of the most unique Educational Vacations on the planet! Full of Educational Learning Opportunities like different styles of art, Dance Classes, Art Lessons, museum tours, and performances, Dance and Art Tours will not only entertain you and open your world to new amazement, but they will also send you home with knowledge about unique and exciting subject matter.  

To be clear, you don’t need to be a Dancer or an Artist already. All you need is a love of learning, traveling, and the arts! To have the experience of a lifetime, all you need to be is someone who would love spending time enjoying the amazing Art Museums of Paris or the gorgeous Spanish Coastline during dance lessons on the beach. Or maybe you’ll prefer walking the streets of Rome to witness breathtaking architecture before a group painting lesson with Italy’s best Professional Art Instructors.  

With your Professional Tour Guides, encounter all of the wonder the world of Dance and Art Tours have to offer, including the most desired vacation experiences and the best kept secrets! Worldaway’s featured countries offer everything a dance or art lover could want! From Professionally Taught Lessons to behind the scenes views of some of the most famous art museums and dance performances each country has to offer, whichever country you decide to travel to will exceed your highest expectations!    

With such a diverse subject matter, Dance and Art Tours will take you nearly anywhere you want to go to learn about any part of the discipline that excites you! Learn the art of Salsa Dancing in any of our Hispanic Countries, or dive into the Walz and other exciting German Dances in beautiful Berlin.  Enjoy Parisian Painting Seminars and Sculpting Lessons overlooking the Mediterranean. Take a tour of Cape Town, South Africa, witnessing different cultures and their native dances, learning how to paint the amazing wildlife scenes on Big Game Safari’s, and create landscapes of the stunning coastline!

Want to go it alone and meet new friends with similar interests? Great! Want to bring the whole family or friend group? Fantastic! Endless fun awaits as we have a Dance and Art Tour for everyone!

These Dance and Art Tours are available for anyone who is interested! All you need is a heart that wants to create art in multiple different ways and learn a ton! No previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because you’ll be learning everything you need on the journey.

Our Professional Dance and Art Teachers will educate you on the intricacies of painting, sketching, sculpting, along with group dance, couples dance, solo dance, and more! Embrace your creative side!

You’ll also have the rare opportunity to meet new friends and develop relationships with people who share your love of learning and the arts! What could possibly be better than learning new things, traveling the world, and making new friends in some of the most amazing places on earth?

Worldaway Tours offers these Dance and Art Tours that feature exploration opportunities and free time to enjoy your own vacation experiences, along with luxurious accommodations, carefully thought out itineraries, and professional tour guides to make your Dance and Art Tours the trip of a lifetime!


  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Qualified Tutors!
  • Pre-Departure Support!
  • Quality Accommodation!
  • Experienced Guides!
  • Unforgettable Experience!


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