Food Tours

Food Tours

For those who are passionate about all things culinary, our Food Tours offer exciting opportunities for you to gain real world hands-on experience of international cuisine across Asia, Africa and The Americas!

Whether it be learning to cook fine cuisine in a chateau in France, perusing the street food vendors in a bustling Bangkok market, learning how the world’s best cheeses are made in Italy, or sampling a range of fine new-world wine in sunny California, we have a Food Tour that will not only suit your interests, but will provide you with a mouth-watering opportunity to expand your knowledge and passion in this hugely popular field.

Food Tours are open to all participants who simply wish to explore an interest in the field of cuisine, culinary skills and/or fine wine and spirits, and tours do not require participants to have specific education, qualifications or experience, as you will be shown everything you need to know by one of our local tour educators.

As with all of our wonderful educational tours, you will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow foodies from all over the world. Not only will you learn and gain new insight, but you will get to travel and explore a new country, as well as make new friends for life!

Indulge in one of our Educational Food Tours and be part of something truly tasty!


  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Qualified Tutors!
  • Pre-Departure Support!
  • Quality Accommodation!
  • Experienced Guides!
  • Unforgettable Experience!


Experience the sights, sounds and smells of authentic Jamaican cuisine on this foodies dream tour!

14 Days2 - 18 persons

Spend an exciting month sharpening your culinary skills and master the art of authentic Thai Cuisine!

29 Days4 - 20 PERSONS

Savor the flavor and craft your culinary skills on this truly authentic Thai cooking experience! YUM!

15 Days4 - 20 PERSONS