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Religion & Faith Tours

Experience some of the most iconic religious sites on the planet as you and enjoy history and travel in ways you’ve never imagined!

Religion and Faith Tours will show you the world through the eyes of Religious History, along with some of the most famous historical architecture on the planet!

Whether you’re a religious person or not, or whatever religion you embrace, these Religion and Faith Tours will be the trip of your life!

The Scenery of these countries is worth the trip alone…But, instead of a regular vacation where you can see some sights, you could add value to your life with the knowledge of history and religion.

Featuring behind the scenes tours of museums, churches, and cathedrals, Religion and Faith Tours put you face to face with religious artifacts that are not available to the general public!

With our Professional Tour Guides leading the way, experience a variety of historically significant activities, learning opportunities, and exploratory adventures in all of our featured countries:

  • Travel to the magical country of Thailand…a place of wondrous Religious History and Architecture. The Temples of Thailand Tour is one of the most scenic tours in our entire repertoire and full of rich Thai History!
  • The Vietnamese War & Peace Tour is a Religion and Faith Tour that journeys deep into the heart of a storied country where Religion and History is as fascinating as the county’s unique culture.
  • The Cathedrals of France Religion and Faith Tours are available numerous occasions throughout the year, whatever season you’d prefer to see the scenic country in. (Paris in the winter, Paris in the summer…you can’t go wrong!)

Now, these fantastic Religion and Faith Tours are perfect for your whole group…or if you’re looking to set out on your own and meet some new people with similar interests, then single tickets are available as well!

You’ll make new friends and experience firsthand history! And the best part is, you don’t need any previous knowledge of the subject or country to enjoy a Religion and Faith Tour. Our Professional Tour Guides will teach you everything along the way!

All you need is a longing to travel, learn, and experience the Religion of a country with your very own senses, all while staying in comfortable accommodations and visiting the most scenic and entertaining tourist attractions!


  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Qualified Tutors!
  • Pre-Departure Support!
  • Quality Accommodation!
  • Experienced Guides!
  • Unforgettable Experience!


Looking for a unique and meaningful tour option for your group? Check out our fully customized group tour options!

7 - 85 Days1 - 30+ persons

Uncover the history of Thailand's iconic temples dating back over 1300 years with our amazing 12 day Temples of Thailand Tour!

12 Days4-16 persons