Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Wine Tours are one of the most delicious, enlightening, enjoyable and (surprisingly) educational experiences you’ll ever have, connoisseur or not!

If you like wine at all
, you’re gonna love our Wine Tours. Everywhere from France to Africa, California to New Zealand, these Educational Wine Tours can take you into a culture, into a history, and into the best wineries on earth!

With your Professional Tour Guide, visit the most exotic, most famous, and most high quality Wine Regions that our featured countries have to offer. These Educational Wine Tours are truly an experience you won’t forget! (Well, depending on how much you indulge).

No matter what your wine preference or experience, we have a Wine Tour that will suit the needs of your whole group! Whether you’re sampling a large collection of supple Reds or stomping on grapes in the South of France, we have a Wine Tour for you!

Tour the expansive California wineries or sample the finest that the Home of Champagne has to offer on a Wine Tour of France through the winery-laden countryside. Go beyond just Europe and America-treat yourself to the unique flavors and culture of The Cape of South Africa and New Zealand!

These Wine Tours are available for anyone who is of legal drinking age, whether you’re a regular wine drinker or just someone who wants to expand your taste for it! No previous experience or education in any specific subject is necessary because you’ll be learning everything you need on the journey, expanding your wine knowledge and further culturing yourself.

Just like our Educational Tour, a Wine Tour gives you the opportunity to get together with fellow wine lovers from anywhere in the world! Build friendships, explore new places, and indulge in the finest wines on earth!

Worldaway Tours offers a special variety of Wine Tours that will take you to the very best wineries a country has to offer, all with fun opportunities to explore, luxurious accommodations, carefully thought out itineraries, and professional tour guides to make your Educational Wine Tour as smooth and delicious as the finest chardonnay.

Treat yourself to a Wine Tour and sip your way to the perfect vacation!


  • Hands-On Learning!
  • Qualified Tutors!
  • Pre-Departure Support!
  • Quality Accommodation!
  • Experienced Guides!
  • Unforgettable Experience!


Looking for a unique and meaningful tour option for your group? Check out our fully customized group tour options!

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