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Ultimate Ecuador Culture & History Tour

Travel to Quito, and back in time, with this Ultimate Ecuadorian Culture & History Tour.

If History is what you love, this experience is one that you cannot pass up. This Learning Tour of Ecuador takes you into the home churches of the Franciscan, Mercedarios, Dominican, and Augustinian Orders to start the trip off with an educational and visually splendid bang.

You’ll then see the Mitad del Mundo and the Equator Museum, seeing all that the Middle of the Earth has to offer before going WAY back to Pre-Incan History at the Cochasqui Pyramids.

Week 2 will make your jaw hit the floor as you take in the sites and historical facts, mythical stories, and folklore of the beautiful city of Cuenca, the Nariz Del Diablo Train Experience, and the Ingapirca Ruins.

Week 3 is jam picked with history: see La Compania de Jesus Church and La Basillica de Quito Church and learn about the History of the Jesuit Order before perusing the famous artwork of the Guayasamin Museum. A Kichwa Language and History class will take you deep into the history of Ecuador, and tours to the Cotopaxi Volcano and Antisana Reserve will show you the natural wonder of this beautiful country.

Week 4 is highlighted by can’t-miss attractions: a two day tour of the Mindo Cloud Forest and a day trip to Teleferico and the Pichincha Volcano.

And of course…

TOUR THE AMAZON: a 4 Day Tour of the Amazon during which you’ll have days full of planned activities including a visit with an Amazonian Tribe.

  • Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day


    Collection from Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito.
    Transport to your accommodation.

    Evening: Free time to settle into your new surroundings.

  • DAY 2: Monday - City Tour of Cuenca

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Transport to airport for flight to Cuenca.
    City Tour of Cuenca while learning about colonial history in this city.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 3: Tuesday - Ingapirca Ruins

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Full day trip to Ingapirca Ruins to learn about the Cañaris Civilization & pre-Incan history.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 4: Wednesday - Cajas National Park

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Full day trip to Cajas National Park for some adventure.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 5: Thursday - City Tour of Quito

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Transport to airport for flight back to Quito.
    City Tour by Night to talk about the general history of Quito.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 6: Friday - Templo de la Patria Museum

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    View Spots Tour in Quito with Templo de la Patria Museum “Pichincha Battle History”.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 7: Saturday - Otavalos Indigenous Province + Cuicocha lake

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Otavalos Indigenous Province.
    Visit to the Main Handicrafts Market and Cuicocha Lake.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 8: Mitad del Mundo

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Mitad del Mundo (Equator Museum History &1st Geodesic Expedition History).
    Visit the Pululahua Crater.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 9: Monday - Franciscans Order History in Quito

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Visit the Convent of San Francisco & Church, then Museum Franciscano de San Diego.
    Next take a short visit to the first cemetery of Quito.
    Lunch at Panecillo Hill Restaurant (the only Incas Structure left in this place).

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 10: Tuesday - Local Markets Day

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Mercado Indigena San Roque, Mercado Artesanal de Quito (handicrafts market) & Mercado de Santa Clara (fruits, vegetable and local products).

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 11: Wednesday - Visit the Churches of Quito

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Dominicans, Augustinians & Mercederaries Orders History
    Free afternoon to pack for the Amazon tour.

    Evening: The Amazon Rain Forest Experience begins tonight leaving Quito by bus at 10.30pm heading to Lago Agrio City.

  • DAY 12: Thursday - Amazon Rain Forest - Day 1

    After arriving at our meeting point in Lago Agrio City, we will greet you with a welcome breakfast to begin our trip to the Amazon Rain Forest.

    After this, the transport will pick you up & take you to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve (Cuyabeno Bridge River).
    This will take about 2 hours.

    Lunch will be served then we will start our exploration into the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador by boat.  While on the canoe ride be ready to hear the sounds of the wildlife, while you watch the scenery changing along the Cuyabeno River waters & between trees.  You will be able to watch the birds, monkeys & other jungle creatures.

    You will be accompanied by a guide who will provide information on how the animals & plants interact & balance the life within the Cuyabeno Ecosystem in which they coexist.

    Finally we arrive at the Ecolodge, where we will settle into our cabins.

    After dinner our native guide gives us a brief introduction to the activities for the next few days in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

  • DAY 13: Friday - Amazon Rain Forest - Day 2

    In the morning before breakfast, you can hear the noise of birds flying around our bungalows in the Ecolodge.

    After breakfast, we continue upriver to start trekking on the banks of the Cuyabeno River, where you can see different species of plants, huge trees, aquatic vines, orchids, medicinal herbs & a large number of wild animals & birds of the Amazon jungle.

    After having lunch, you will have time to swim & relax in Laguna Grande while watching the pink & gray dolphins play on the water.

    Once you have enjoyed one of the best sunsets of your life, we will return to the lodge for dinner.

    After dinner, you will embark on an exciting canoe ride where you will see the famous Black Caimans of the Amazon.  During this journey you will hear the mysterious noises of the forest.

    This is an experience you will never forget.

    Evening: After dinner, your can relax & enjoy your surroundings.

  • DAY 14: Saturday - Amazon Rain Forest - Day 3

    Early in the morning we will enjoy breakfast then travel by canoe to the Siona Indigenous Community, where we can interact & learn about their traditions, culture & customs.

    We will also learn to elaborate the Casabe – a typical dish of this ancestral tribe.

    Lunch will be served in the community & finally we will meet the Shaman, which will make us perceive & interact with their spiritual world, channeling their energies, visionary, healing & divinatory skills acquired over the years.

    You will also have time to acquire the beautiful handicrafts made by the locals.

  • DAY 15: Sunday - Amazon Rain Forest - Day 4

    Early in the morning we will do some birdwatching down the river, as well as enjoy a completely fascinating sunrise.

    After that activity we will serve breakfast then embark on a canoe ride along the Cuyabeno River back to civilization.

    The transportation will pick us up from the entrance of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

    We will head back to the meeting point in Lago Agrio.
    This will take about 2 hours.

    Return to Quito by bus.  Arriving back at your accommodation by 10 or 11 pm.

    Evening: Free time to simply relax.

  • DAY 16: Monday - Relax Day

    Time to relax & enjoy the day.
    Its the perfect time to explore Itchimbia Park or Carolina Park.

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 17: Tuesday - Tsachilas Tribe Visit

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Time to visit the Tsachilas Tribe – a pre-Incan population – including lunch with the community.

    Evening: Free time to explore the local area.

  • DAY 18: Wednesday - Kichwa Language & History + Salsa Class

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Kichwa Class & explanation about our languages history.
    Free time to explore or simply relax.

    Evening: Salsa Lessons (5pm – 6pm).

  • DAY 19: Thursday - Guayasamin Museum

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Guayasamin Museum.

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 20: Friday - Volcanoes Avenue Train Experience

    Volcanoes Avenue Train Experience – from 8am to 6pm. Lunch Included.

  • DAY 21: Saturday - Quilotoa Lake

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Quilotoa Lake for the day.

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 22: Sunday - Cotopaxi Volcano Tour

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Cotopaxi Volcano for the day.

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 23: Monday - Teleferico & Pichincha Volcano

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Teleferico & Pichincha Volcano visit.

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 24: Tuesday - Antisana Reserve

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Tour to Antisana Reserve – Home of 70% of Ecuadorian Condors & Petrified Lava Traces.
    Tour to Mica Lake – Quito’s main reserve for water.
    If we’re lucky we can also watch the majestic Antisana Volcano in action.

    Afternoon & Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 25: Wednesday - La Basilica de Quito Church

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Visit La Basilica de Quito Church – inside exploration & history of the Jesuits Order (Polemical History).
    Visit La Compania de Jesus Church & Presidential Palace Visit (modern history)

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 26: Thursday - Cloud Forest Tour - Day 1

    Mindos Cloud Forest Tour – extreme sports & adventure!

  • DAY 27: Friday - Cloud Forest Tour - Day 2

    Mindos Cloud Forest Tour – Cacao Factory & Butterflies Sanctuary!

  • DAY 28: Saturday - Papallacta Hot Springs

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Visit to Papallacta Hot Springs to get some well earned relaxation time!

    Evening: Free time to explore or simply relax.

  • DAY 29: Sunday - Departure Day

    Breakfast: At your hotel.
    Return transfers to Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito.

Like all of our exciting Educational Tour options, this tour offers participants a carefully crafted balance of learning elements (lessons, lectures, seminars, field study, etc), planned activities and excursions (cultural activities, mini-tours, sightseeing, etc) and free time for you to explore in your own way or to simply relax. This is what makes Worldaway Learning Tours so unique!

Here’s what you can expect on this tour*:

Free Time

*Breakdown provided for informational purposes only. Individual experiences may differ. 


Our ‘Start Dates’ represent the day that you should arrive into the country. This is officially the first day of the tour and is the day that the local guide has set aside to meet and collect the tour participants. To allow this to be a smooth process, we ask that you do your best to arrive in the morning of the official start day. If you’re having troubles finding a suitable flight, or if you are worried about your flight arrival time, let us know so that we can assist.

No. Flights are not included in the listed tour price. We have participants joining our tours from all around the world, and as such we believe that individuals can find the best deals on their own. Need some help finding flights? We can guide you to some great resources, so just ask.

*We strongly recommend that you only purchase flights once your tour has been confirmed.

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We believe that World Nomads is the best insurance provider for adventure travelers. Policies through World Nomads cover trip cancellation, medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, as well as lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. Their policies are extremely competitive so get your free no obligation quote here!

It is each traveler’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct tourist entry visa/s and any necessary vaccinations. Both of these items depend on your own background – i.e. What passport are you travelling on? What vaccinations you have had previously? We can certainly help guide you through the process and have lots of great advice to give, so again, just ask.

Yes! While we welcome groups, families, couples and friends, our Learning Tours are also designed with individual travelers in mind. You’ll be part of a larger group which is made up of other intrepid travelers from all over the world. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and we’re sure you will make a few long-lasting friendships.

On most tours the minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 12. Group sizes vary at different times of the year, but generally speaking we will do our best to ensure there is at least 4 participants on each tour where possible.

In most cases, yes! There are some instances where tour participants will travel by foot, like walking a short distance between your accommodation and a learning or activity center for example, but for everything else, the transport is all arranged for you!

As mentioned above, flights, visas, insurance and vaccinations are not included – so these costs are additional to the listed tour price. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Airport taxes and entry/departure fees (if not included in your flight ticket)
  • Additional food, drinks and snacks
  • Money for optional activities /excursions (where available)
  • Personal spending money (think souvenirs!)

The amount of additional money you may need is impossible for us to judge, and really does depend on your own spending habits, but if you have any questions about this, or want some help working out your budget, just let us know.

In most cases, no. Breakfast is often included at your accommodation, but lunches and dinners will be subject to the tour itinerary. As such, some are included, some are not, but this does of course provide a wonderful opportunity to try out the local cuisine for yourself.

Yes. It has become fairly common for tour participants to request special dietary provisions, so in most cases this can easily be catered for. If you have concerns about this though, let us know and we can discuss it with complete confidentiality.

Yes, absolutely! Free time is an important part of every tour. There is nothing more frustrating than having to follow a strict and unforgiving itinerary. Where possible, you will have free time to explore, partake in some of the local attractions and activities, or simply relax – it’s up to you!

Great! Simply follow the prompts on the ‘Book Now’ tab to secure your spot on this truly unique adventure. As soon as we receive your booking, we’ll get to work making sure everything is organized for you. It’s that easy!

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The Ultimate Ecuador History & Culture Tour (29 Days)

Inc. 4 Day Amazon Experience Tour
US$ 5100
  • 3+ Star Hotels w/Daily Breakfast
  • Double/Twin Share w/Bathroom (Single room supplement available)
  • 20 x Historical Site Tours & 3 x Indigenous Tribe Visits
  • Visit Cuenca, Alausi & Lago Agrio City
  • Nariz del Diablo Train Experience + 2 day Mindo Cloud Forest Trip
  • 2 x Airport Transfers
  • 4 Day Amazon Experience Tour
  • including:
  • Accommodation w/Meals, Bilingual Guide, Daily Transportation and Excursions
  • Certificate of Completion

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