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Welcome to one of the Most Desired Vacation Experiences on the Planet-Two Weeks in Beautiful Jamaica!

Explore a World Famous Island and an infamously vibrant culture as the 14 Day Jamaican Culture Tour immerses you in the wonder of the Jamaican Way of Life!

Your two Weeks on The Rock will show you some of the most scenic Caribbean Settings on the Planet and introduce you to the some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

Your first full day of the 14 Day Jamaica Culture Tour allows you to get acquainted with the fun little town of Mandeville, a window to Jamaican Culture. Explore landmarks and markets, and meet the unique people that fill the country!   

The fun has just started! Tuesday offers the chance to immerse yourself in the Accompong Village- a rare maroon settlement in Jamaica full of natives who fought for freedom of the land!

This amazingly enlightening trip is followed by Wednesday’s dive into the Jamaican Market Scene before a thoroughly entertaining Thursday in the Trench Town Culture Yard-including the authentic roots of Bob Marley, the Bob Marley Museum, and the mind-blowingly delicious Devon House Ice Cream!

Keep the good times and good tastes rollin’ on Friday at Melrose Hill and the Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hutt! Start off the day with a delightful treat loved by tourists and natives alike: Enjoy the Pattie Experience! After tasting and learning the art of making authentic Jamaican Patties, you’ll head to scenic Shelly’s at Melrose Hill for a unique Jamaican Roast with an evening visit to Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hutt! Trust us…a tastier Friday Itinerary has never been created.

Saturday and Sunday continue the enlightening fun as the 14 Day Jamaican Culture Tour takes you to stunning Ocho Rios! Home of the Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rios is the perfect place to take in the natural wonder of Jamaica and get some exercise as you climb around world famous waterfalls and sparkling white beaches!

Round out the weekend by spending Sunday with your host family for some down time, a home-cooked meal, and authentic Jamaican cultural immersion.

The second week of the tour takes you far deeper into the famously vibrant culture as the 14 Day Jamaican Culture Tour takes you into the life and culture of a Rastafarian Village and then a look into the world of Jamaican Sporting Culture the following day.

Wednesday is another rare ocean treat: The next stop on the 14 Day Jamaica Culture Tour winds up at one of the best seafood restaurants on the planet: Little Ochi Seafood! Off the beaten path in a small fishing village right on the beach, Little Ochi makes the best fish, lobster, crab, or conch that you’ve ever had, we’re willing to bet you some free oysters on that one!

After Little Ochi, you’ll finish the day off on the wilder side of Jamaican Culture at the world-renowned Pelican Bar…a Jamaican Wonder tucked away in the Caribbean Sea!

Following a free day on Thursday, the last adventures of the 14 Day Jamaica Culture Tour may just be the best of the trip…they’ll definitely make it MUCH harder to leave:

The Appleton’s Rum Tour is a delicious way to taste Jamaica’s world famous liquor while also getting history and culture lessons into the creation process. A trip to Shrimp Country in the Middle Quarters of Jamaica is next, followed by a can’t-miss experience at the Lovers Leap!

This 14 Day Jamaica Culture Tour is one of the most unique vacations that anyone can take…an inside look into a world famous culture with breathtaking tourist attractions, hidden gems, and a combination of life-changing experiences that are sure to make this the trip of a lifetime!

  • Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day


    Collection from Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
    Transport to your accommodation/host family.
    Settle into your new surroundings.

  • DAY 2: Monday - Explore Jamaican Culture

    Jamaican Culture Orientation – tour the town of Mandeville to visit landmarks, markets, enjoy the food & gain taxi experience.

  • DAY 3: Tuesday - Accompong Village

    You will learn about the history of Jamaica & it’s people by visiting the Accompong Village, a maroon settlement in Jamaica with the people that fought for freedom of the land.

  • DAY 4: Wednesday - Jamaican Market Scene

    It’s market time.  Wednesdays are wholesale days in the market.  This means you get a wider variety of fruits, vegetables & produce.  Plus, things are cheaper.  Come experience the Jamaican market scene – learn about the fruits, vegetables & produce, how to bargain, how to roast a breadfruit & more about ackee (the Jamaican national dish) As well as a little about the language, full immersion.

  • DAY 5: Thursday - Trench Town Culture Yard

    Trench Town Culture Yard – experience the authentic roots of the legend Bob Marley.  A little fun is mixed into the trip so you will get to visit the Bob Marley Museum & then taste the world famous Devon House Ice Cream.

  • DAY 6: Friday - Melrose Hill & Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hutt

    Patties are a delightful treat loved by Jamaicans & visitors – get the chance to taste patties from the top three companies Juici, Mothers & Tastee.  You will get to understand how patties are made & what makes them so special – taste & learn the art of making Jamaican patties.

    It doesn’t end there – roast yam, roast breadfruit, roast corn, roast potato – yummy!  The tour will take you to Shelly’s at Melrose Hill to learn more about all these roasted delicious items.  You will then travel to Porus to learn more about the Jamaican fruits.  The nicely arranged fruits stalls will leave you wanting so much more.  This will be topped off with a visit Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hutt.

  • DAY 7: Saturday - Ocho Rios Town Tour & Dunns River Falls

    Explore the town of Ocho Rios & nearby Dunns River Falls – enjoy a relaxing day climbing the world famous waterfalls & exploring the white sandy beaches. You can also experience some shopping while immersing yourself in the Jamaican way of life.

  • DAY 8: Sunday - Authentic Cultural Immersion

    Authentic Cultural Immersion – spend the day as a group attending either a local sporting event such as football or cricket, or check out one of the any local fairs and markets.

  • DAY 9: Monday - Rastafarian Village tour

    The Rastafarian Village Tour will open your eyes to the life & culture of Rastafarian.  It is an authentic space nestled in the rustic Montego River Gardens property.

  • DAY 10: Tuesday - Jamaican Sporting Culture

    Sports is a big part of the Jamaican culture.  You will get to learn more about the rich sporting tradition of Jamaica & why we have the world’s fastest men and women.

  • DAY 11: Wednesday - Little Ochi Seafood & Pelican Bar

    You have not had great seafood until you visit Little Ochi Seafood – fish, lobster, crab, conch and so much more.  Taste jerk, roasted, curried, steamed, fried fish & other seafood.  We guarantee this will be an exceptional experience.  The restaurant is located on the beach in a fishing village & you will get to interact with & learn more about the culture through the eyes of Jamaicans.  You will experience how these sumptuous seafood dishes are prepared.  You will also visit Pelican Bar – tucked away in the Caribbean Sea.

  • DAY 12: Thursday - Free Time

    Free time to explore.

  • DAY 13: Friday - Appleton's Rum Tour + Lovers Leap

    We saved the rum tour for last, so you could soak it all in.  Home to the finest blends in the world, the Appletons Rum Tour offers a taste of good liquor.  You will also visit the shrimp country in Middle Quarters & then head to Lovers Leap for your final Jamaican experience.

  • DAY 14: Saturday - Departure Day

    Return transfers to Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Like all of our exciting Educational Tour options, this tour offers participants a carefully crafted balance of learning elements (lessons, lectures, seminars, field study, etc), planned activities and excursions (cultural activities, mini-tours, sightseeing, etc) and free time for you to explore in your own way or to simply relax. This is what makes Worldaway Learning Tours so unique!

Here’s what you can expect on this tour*:

Free Time

*Breakdown provided for informational purposes only. Individual experiences may differ. 

Our ‘Start Dates’ represent the day that you should arrive into the country. This is officially the first day of the tour and is the day that the local guide has set aside to meet and collect the tour participants. To allow this to be a smooth process, we ask that you do your best to arrive in the morning of the official start day. If you’re having troubles finding a suitable flight, or if you are worried about your flight arrival time, let us know so that we can assist.

No. Flights are not included in the listed tour price. We have participants joining our tours from all around the world, and as such we believe that individuals can find the best deals on their own. Need some help finding flights? We can guide you to some great resources, so just ask.

*We strongly recommend that you only purchase flights once your tour has been confirmed.

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It is each traveler’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct tourist entry visa/s and any necessary vaccinations. Both of these items depend on your own background – i.e. What passport are you travelling on? What vaccinations you have had previously? We can certainly help guide you through the process and have lots of great advice to give, so again, just ask.

Yes! While we welcome groups, families, couples and friends, our Learning Tours are also designed with individual travelers in mind. You’ll be part of a larger group which is made up of other intrepid travelers from all over the world. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and we’re sure you will make a few long-lasting friendships.

On most tours the minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 12. Group sizes vary at different times of the year, but generally speaking we will do our best to ensure there is at least 4 participants on each tour where possible.

In most cases, yes! There are some instances where tour participants will travel by foot, like walking a short distance between your accommodation and a learning or activity center for example, but for everything else, the transport is all arranged for you!

As mentioned above, flights, visas, insurance and vaccinations are not included – so these costs are additional to the listed tour price. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Airport taxes and entry/departure fees (if not included in your flight ticket)
  • Additional food, drinks and snacks
  • Money for optional activities /excursions (where available)
  • Personal spending money (think souvenirs!)

The amount of additional money you may need is impossible for us to judge, and really does depend on your own spending habits, but if you have any questions about this, or want some help working out your budget, just let us know.

In most cases, no. Breakfast is often included at your accommodation, but lunches and dinners will be subject to the tour itinerary. As such, some are included, some are not, but this does of course provide a wonderful opportunity to try out the local cuisine for yourself.

Yes. It has become fairly common for tour participants to request special dietary provisions, so in most cases this can easily be catered for. If you have concerns about this though, let us know and we can discuss it with complete confidentiality.

Yes, absolutely! Free time is an important part of every tour. There is nothing more frustrating than having to follow a strict and unforgiving itinerary. Where possible, you will have free time to explore, partake in some of the local attractions and activities, or simply relax – it’s up to you!

Great! Simply follow the prompts on the ‘Book Now’ tab to secure your spot on this truly unique adventure. As soon as we receive your booking, we’ll get to work making sure everything is organized for you. It’s that easy!

Once you have completed the booking form you can secure your spot by paying a deposit of US$500. This is part of the total tour price and will be deducted from your final invoice. The balance needs to be paid 6 weeks prior to your tour start date. Don’t worry – we will send you a reminder when that time comes and an invoice which you can simply click and pay.

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Jamaican Culture Tour (14 Days)

Discover the essence of Jamaican Culture!
US$ 4150
  • Hostel & Guesthouse Accomodation w/Daily Breakfast & Dinner
  • Double or Twin Share w/Bathroom (Single Rooms Available)
  • Visit Cultural Heritage Sites & Experience Authentic Jamaican Cuisine
  • Weeknight Cultural Activities + Rastafarian Village Tour
  • Visit Accompong Village & Trench Town Culture Yard
  • 2 x Airport Transfers
  • Appleton's Rum Estate Mini-Tour!
  • includes:
  • Accommodation w/Meals, Bilingual Guide, Daily Transportation and Excursions
  • Certificate of Completion

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