Mountain & River Guide Course



85 Days

Ages 17+

Mountain guide team

Tour Overview

Experience Nepal’s Natural Wonders and Become a Professional Mountain and River Guide!

Worldaway Tours offers a rare 85 DAY TRIP – a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a certified River Guide and Mountain Climbing Guide, two of the most desired adventure certifications!

Learn the art of Mountain and River Guiding in one of the most exhilarating, diverse, and scenic countries on the planet as the Course takes you deep into the heart of breathtaking Nepal!

On one of our most unique tours yet, you’ll not only have the time of your life, but you’ll become a certified Mountain/River Guide! Chase your dreams and trek across the natural beauty of Nepal!

Learning Opportunities Include:

  • Kathmandu for team intros and a Mountain Trek
  • 4600 meters up to the Sacred Lake Gosaikunda
  • Kenjing Base Camp with lessons on Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Terminology and repelling at the Yala Peak Base
  • River Guide Training then begins at Sayrbu Beshi
  • Lower Kali Ghandaki River expedition and much more!
students getting ready for a hike in Himalayas


  • Discounted Group Flights
  • Airport Transfers & Internal Transport
  • Quality Multi-Share Accommodation Options (upgrades available)
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meals
  • Dedicated Professional Local Tour Guide/s
  • Tickets & Entry Fees for Included Activities



  • WEEK 1


    Day 1 – Arrival to Kathmandu. Settle into hotel.

    Day 2 – Team introduction, risk analysis, planning route, equipment handling and final

    Day 3 – Start trekking. Communication. Team work. Health and fitness considerations.

    Day 4 – Use of lodges and customer care. Group roles and responsibilities.

    Day 5 – Navigation and weather. Movement on loose or steep terrain.

    Day 6 – Rest day. Short acclimatisation walk. Individual feedback.

    Day 7 – Dynamic risk analysis and altitude sickness awareness.

  • WEEK 2

    Day 8  –  Long day trek, over the pass at 4600 m and reaching the sacred lake Gosaikunda.

    Day 9  –  Leadership skills. Soft & hard trekking guide skills.

    Day 10 – Mountain Ecology and Environment.

    Day 11 – Sustainability: social, environmental and economic impact.

    Day 12 – Group feedback. Opportunity for individuals to speak with instructor.

    Day 13 – Afternoon arrival to Kenjing at 3870 m. Settle into our Access Camp. Organise
    personal and group equipment for the basic mountaineering course. Technical
    equipment handling. Hygiene.

    Day 14 – Rest day.

  • WEEK 3

    Day 15 – Study and acclimatisation day. Local culture and customs.

    Day 16 – Study and acclimatisation day. Knots and rope. Altitude sickness and risks.

    Day 17 – Basic Rock Climbing. Anchors and belay techniques on rock.

    Day 18 – Basic Rock Climbing. Anchors and belay techniques on rock.

    Day 19 – Mountain terminology. Teamwork. Individual feedback.

    Day 20 – Rock climbing. Anchors and belay techniques on rock.

    Day 21 – Rock climbing. Active Rappelling. Self Rescue.

  • WEEK 4

    Day 22 – Move to Lower Base camp at 4500 m. Camp management & camp set up.

    Day 23 – Move to Yala Peak Base camp at 4850 m. Camp management & camp set up.

    Day 24 – Crevasse Rescue training and Glacier Travel Technique. Walking axe use.

    Day 25 – Yala Peak Glacier: Equipment handling techniques.

    Day 26 – Tope rope ice climbing, Safety/Belay, ICE/Snow Anchorage Technique.

    Day 27 – Fixed line, practice on different terrain. Glacier travel and crevasse rescue
    technique. Snow & avalanche.

    Day 28 – Rest day. Summit Strategy, emergency procedures. Group feedback.
    Opportunity for individuals to speak with instructor.

  • WEEK 5

    Day 29 – Summit Day. Early rise for the summit.

    Day 30 – Pack up Yala Base Camp, move to Access Camp at Kenjing. Preparations for

    Day 31 – Test & Examination: Trekking guide course.

    Day 32 – Test & Examination: Basic mountaineering course.

    Day 33 – Pack up Access Camp, trek to Lama Hotel.

    Day 34 – Trek to Saybru Beshi. Settle into guesthouse and good bye to mountain crew.

    Day 35 – Travel to river starting point. Meet the river crew and set up camp. Camp
    organisation, hygiene and considerations. Raft construction and equipment handling.

  • WEEK 6

    Day 36 – Introduction to river expeditions. Equipment handling, safety talk, group roles
    and responsibilities. Selecting camp areas. White water rafting.

    Day 37 – White water rafting. Scouting rapids. Arrive to the Royal Beach Camp. Post-
    expedition dry cleaning.

    Day 38 – Rest day. Individual feedback.

    Day 39 – Outdoor Sustainability class & workshop.

    Day 40 – Kayaking and pool training.

    Day 41 – Kayaking in the river. River Ecology and Environment.

    Day 42 – Kayaking in the river. Safety kayaker’s role on the river.

  • WEEK 7

    Day 43 – Rafting training. Introduction to guiding the boat. River reading.

    Day 44 – Rafting training. Ferry gliding. River reading. River hydraulic.

    Day 45 – Rest day. Group feedback. Opportunity for individuals to speak with instructor.

    Day 46 – Rafting training. Communication & river signals. White water terminology.

    Day 47 – Rafting training. Equipment maintenance & repair class.

    Day 48 – Rafting training. Safety talk & briefing. Leadership skills. Teamwork.

    Day 49 – Kayaking training. Preplanning & risk assessment.

  • WEEK 8

    Day 50 – Group work on sustainability.

    Day 51 – Expedition planning, preparations & packing. Nutrition, health and hygiene.

    Day 52 – Start Lower Kali Ghandaki river expedition. Selecting camp areas.

    Day 53 – Wilderness camping & cooking. Rafting & kayaking training.

    Day 54 – Customer care. Teamwork. Leadership skills. Rafting & kayaking training.

    Day 55 – Raft flips. White water swimming. Rafting & kayaking training.

    Day 56 – Rafting & kayaking training. Scouting rapids & dynamic risk analysis.

  • WEEK 9

    Day 57 – Pack up camp and transportation to RBC. Post expedition dry cleaning.

    Day 58 – Rest day. Individual feedback.

    Day 59 – Eskimo roll training in the pool. Present Sustainability Challenge.

    Day 60 – Packing, planning & preparations for the river expedition. Personal and group
    kit and equipment handling.

    Day 61 – Start Sun Koshi river expedition. Travel to starting point and set up camp.

    Day 62 – Briefing. Leadership skills. Group management. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 63 – Analysing risk and hazards. Rafting & kayaking.

  • WEEK 10

    Day 64 – Scouting and portaging rivers. Hydrology and navigation. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 65 – Training your personal skills. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 66 – Training your personal skills. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 67 – Rest day on the river. Individual feedback.

    Day 68 – Training your personal skills. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 69 – Training your personal skills. Rafting & kayaking.

    Day 70 – Pack up camp and transportation to RBC.

  • WEEK 11

    Day 71 – Morning arrival to RBC. Post expedition dry cleaning.

    Day 72 – Rest day. Group feedback. Opportunity for individuals to speak with instructor.
    Personal preparations.

    Day 73 – WRT Pro course.

    Day 74 – WRT Pro course.

    Day 75 – WRT Pro course.

    Day 76 – IRGT pre-examination training.

    Day 77 – IRGT pre-examination training.

  • WEEK 12

    Day 78 – 3-Star Kayak pre-examination training.

    Day 79 – Individual feedback. Preparations for examination.

    Day 80 – 3-Star Kayak exam.

    Day 81 – IRGT exam.

    Day 82 – Expedition skills exam.

    Day 83 – Mountain & river awards and graduation ceremony.
    Congratulations for your achievements!

    Day 84 – Travel to Kathmandu. Final celebration together.

  • WEEK 13

    Day 85 – Departure.

    Optional:  Additional 3 days for Wilderness First Aid training.  This will be organised either in the beginning ‘before day 1’ or at the end starting day 83.

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