Rastafarian Culture Tour


History & Culture

14 Days

Ages 18+

Drumming session

Tour Overview

Immerse yourself in the phenomenon that is Rastafari on a can’t-miss island exploration.

Although a staple of pop culture, Rastafari is much more than Red, Yellow, and Green hats and Marley Music.

For two weeks, students will experience the rare opportunity to live with the Rastafarians! They’ll help in the wellness center, work in their factory, and farm to make traditional Rasta Food!

The tour also includes opportunities to see Jamaica. Enjoy a Saturday trip to Montego Bay (explore white sandy beaches and the Montego Marketplace!) and a day trip to the Bob Marley Museum and the Tuff Gong Studios (an inside look at the authentic roots of the Rasta Musical Legend).

Learning Opportunities Include:

  • The Rastafarian Museum, and the origins of “one love”
  • Beautiful sights and delicious food of Jamaica
  • Do life with some of the most fascinating people on Earth
  • The Rastafarian Village immersion
  • Overnight stays in two Rastafarian villages
  • Bob Marley origin immersion, and more!
Rastafaian Indigenous Village sign


  • Discounted Group Flights
  • Airport Transfers & Internal Transport
  • Quality Multi-Share Accommodation Options (upgrades available)
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Meals
  • Dedicated Professional Local Tour Guide/s
  • Tickets & Entry Fees for Included Activities


Immerse yourself in the phenomenon that is Rastafari!

Although a staple of pop culture, Rastafari is much more than Red, Yellow, and Green hats and Marley Music.

Learn the real story and the true meaning behind this interesting group of people, all while experiencing a one of the most wonderful Vacation Destinations on Earth!

The Rastafarian Culture Tour begins with a bang! A Tour of the Rastafarian Village leads to nyabinghi drumming and drum making, the Rastafarian Museum, and teaches you the origins of “one love”.  

For the next three days, you’ll have the rare opportunity to live with the Rastafarians! Help out in their wellness centre, learn the workings of their small factory, make drums with them, and farm to make traditional Rasta Food!

The Rastafarian Culture Tour moves to another Rastafarian Village on Friday, another amazing experience to live with some of the most interesting people on the planet!

Saturday is a mini vacation! Relax in Montego Bay as you traverse the breathtaking white sandy beaches and enjoy a shopping trip to the Montego Marketplace!

Sunday of the Rastafarian Culture Tour begins another week of living in the Rastafarian Culture as you experience their way of life, work with them, learn how to make the most of your surroundings, and love everyone around you like a true member of the Rasta people! The Rastafarian Museum is another highlight of your time with them, showing you to the unique and storied history of this popular people group!

The Rastafarian Culture Tour also shows you some of the most magical parts of Jamaica! Learn about the Legacy of Bob Marley (a staple of Rastafarian Culture) on a visit to the Bob Marley Museum and Tuff Gong Studios!

One of the rarest tours we offer, the Rastafarian Culture Tour is a unique opportunity to experience a culture of amazing people and take a TWO WEEK vacation to one of the most entertaining and beautiful places on earth!

As your Professional Tour Guides show you around, and the Rastafarian People teach you their ways, your eyes will be opened to a new way of life and the trip of a lifetime!

  • Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day

    Collection from Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Transport to your accommodation/host family. Settle into your new surroundings.

  • DAY 2: Monday - Explore Jamaican Culture

    Jamaican Culture Orientation – tour the town of Mandeville to visit landmarks, markets, enjoy the food & gain taxi experience.

  • DAY 3: Tuesday - Accompong Village

    You will learn about the history of Jamaica & it’s people by visiting the Accompong Village, a maroon settlement in Jamaica with the people that fought for freedom of the land.

  • DAY 4: Wednesday - Jamaican Market Scene

    It’s market time. Wednesdays are wholesale days in the market. This means you get a wider variety of fruits, vegetables & produce. Plus, things are cheaper. Come experience the Jamaican market scene – learn about the fruits, vegetables & produce, how to bargain, how to roast a breadfruit & more about ackee (the Jamaican national dish). As well as a little about the language, full immersion.

  • DAY 5: Thursday - Trench Town Culture Yard

    Trench Town Culture Yard – experience the authentic roots of the legend Bob Marley. A little fun is mixed into the trip so you will get to visit the Bob Marley Museum & then taste the world famous Devon House Ice Cream.

  • DAY 6: Friday - Melrose Hill & Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hutt

    Patties are a delightful treat loved by Jamaicans & visitors – get the chance to taste patties from the top three companies Juici, Mothers & Tastee. You will get to understand how patties are made & what makes them so special – taste & learn the art of making Jamaican patties. It doesn’t end there – roast yam, roast breadfruit, roast corn, roast potato – yummy! The tour will take you to Shelly’s at Melrose Hill to learn more about all these roasted delicious items. You will then travel to Porus to learn more about the Jamaican fruits. The nicely arranged fruits stalls will leave you wanting so much more. This will be topped off with a visit Murray’s Fish and Jerk Hutt.

  • DAY 7: Saturday - Ocho Rios Town Tour & Dunns River Falls

    Explore the town of Ocho Rios & nearby Dunns River Falls – enjoy a relaxing day climbing the world famous waterfalls & exploring the white sandy beaches. You can also experience some shopping while immersing yourself in the Jamaican way of life.

  • DAY 8: Sunday - Authentic Cultural Immersion

    Authentic Cultural Immersion – spend the day as a group attending either a local sporting event such as football or cricket, or check out one of the any local fairs and markets.

  • DAY 9: Monday - Rastafarian Village tour

    The Rastafarian Village Tour will open your eyes to the life & culture of Rastafarian. It is an authentic space nestled in the rustic Montego River Gardens property.

  • DAY 10: Tuesday - Jamaican Sporting Culture

    Sports is a big part of the Jamaican culture. You will get to learn more about the rich sporting tradition of Jamaica & why we have the world’s fastest men and women.

  • DAY 11: Wednesday - Little Ochi Seafood & Pelican Bar

    You have not had great seafood until you visit Little Ochi Seafood – fish, lobster, crab, conch and so much more. Taste jerk, roasted, curried, steamed, fried fish & other seafood. We guarantee this will be an exceptional experience. The restaurant is located on the beach in a fishing village & you will get to interact with & learn more about the culture through the eyes of Jamaicans. You will experience how these sumptuous seafood dishes are prepared. You will also visit Pelican Bar – tucked away in the Caribbean Sea.

  • DAY 12: Thursday - Free Time

    Free time to explore.

  • DAY 13: Friday - Appleton's Rum Tour + Lovers Leap

    We saved the rum tour for last, so you could soak it all in. Home to the finest blends in the world, the Appletons Rum Tour offers a taste of good liquor. You will also visit the shrimp country in Middle Quarters & then head to Lovers Leap for your final Jamaican experience.

  • DAY 14: Saturday - Departure Day

    Return transfers to Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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