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STEM Office India


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Experience the wonder of Science in an amazing setting for Engineering and Technology: Marvelous and Diverse India!

Worldaway Learning Tours presents a Scientific Excursion unlike any other: the 14 Day Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tour!

This Indian Adventure immerses you in a world of innovative thinkers and indigenous technologies that will challenge your way of thinking, open your mind, and expand your knowledge!  

To kick the 14 Day Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tour off, get to know New Delhi by visiting some of the must-see cultural symbols of India like the India Gate, Parliament House, and the Gandhi Museum and Memorial! A breathtaking viewing of the Taj Mahal on Day 3 will preempt your transfer to Jaipur!

While in Jaipur, the 14 Day Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tour offers lectures and visits to the Amber Fort that will open up the world of STEM Fields Education and the opportunities and challenges facing the field. The next day includes a visit to Pushkar! While in this holy town of the Hindus, you’ll dive into the wonderful downtown market setting before enjoying an amazing Camel Safari!

The end of week 1 of the 14 Day Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tour begins the Community Engagement Learning Opportunity in Lalsot! The two part program in Lalsot includes displaying educational information on science and technology to local school children and community members, and spend your afternoon building a simple water harvesting system!

The visit to Lalsot, community engagement programs, teaching opportunities, and invention continue throughout week 2! Activities include interactions with local automobile engineers and the chance to discuss the local utilities practices with engineers who oversee the water, electricity, sewerage, and other public utilities for the local population!

For an opportunity as amazing as the 14 Day Science, Technology, and Engineering (STEM) Tour, the spots will fill up fast as Educational Vacation lovers look for ways to expand their learning in gorgeous places like India!

And the amazing part is, No Previous knowledge is necessary for the trip: anything you need to know, you’ll learn during the tour along the way from our Professional Guides and Professors!

Make friends with your fellow researchers, stay in high quality accommodations, and experience one of the most insightful and fulfilling Educational Vacation ever!

Sign up today to research, explore, and have the time of your life!

  • Day 1: Arrival At Dehli

    Our services begin here.

    You will be greeted by a Worldaway Learning Tours representative at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. You will then be escorted to your accommodation and assisted with check-in.  The representative will explain your next few hours and days on the trip in detail and hand over the essential documents to you.

    Notes: – If you arrive early on the program start date, you will have plenty of free time because the formal program starts on Day 2.

    DELHI, the capital of kingdoms and empires is now a sprawling metropolis with a fascinating blend of the past and the present.  It is a perfect introduction to the composite culture of an ancient land.  A window to the kaleidoscope – that is India.

    Rest of the day free relaxing at the hotel.

    Stay overnight at the hotel. (No Meals)

  • DAY 2: Sightseeing of Delhi and Transfer to Agra

    Morning: After breakfast you set off on a sightseeing tour of New Delhi, which will include visiting some important cultural symbols of India.  Drive past or through the impressive India Gate, Parliament house, Gandhi Museum, Birla Temple and President’s Palace. At greater ease visit of Raj Ghat, the memorial built in honour of Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation.  Learn a bit more about his life and philosophy that helped India get free from the British Empire. During the tour, you will stop at a local restaurant where you can buy your lunch, after which, you will proceed to Agra in your “airconditioned vehicle”.

    After your arrival in Agra, check-in to the hotel.

    Dinner and overnight stay at Agra Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

  • DAY 3: Visit Taj Mahal in Agra - Transfer to Jaipur

    Morning: We wake early today to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal, a pristine white marble mausoleum built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife – Mumtaz Mahal.  One of the Seven Wonders of the World, it took 20,000 workers from neighbouring Islamic countries, 22 years of ceaseless toil to create this exquisite white marble monument upon which people have waxed eloquent throughout the world. Experience a viewing of the Taj Mahal, then return to your hotel for breakfast.

    After breakfast – check out from your accommodation and transfer to Jaipur. The journey will take around 5 hours during which, we would stop by at local restaurants for lunch.

    Upon arrival in Jaipur, check in to the accommodation.

    Later in the evening, you will have dinner with a local family to experience the day to day life of Indian people.  We will also have a guided conversation with the family about how life for them regarding education of their children is, the focus of Indians students and families on science, technology, engineering and IT as the most assured streams of education for job guarantees and how technology is affecting their lives

    Stay overnight at the accommodation in Jaipur. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 4: Sightseeing And Visits In Jaipur.

    We start the day with visiting a local Engineering college to see their facilities, interact with faculty and the students to learn about their opportunities and challenges in pursuing STEM fields of education.

    Post-visit we have lunch and then set out for visiting bazaars of the “Pink City” of Jaipur including a bicycle rickshaw ride.

    In the evening, we go out to have some fun at a local Ethnic restaurant where we taste the cuisine from the “Rajasthan” region of India and experience some dance and music. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 5: Visits And Lectures In Jaipur

    We start the day by visiting the famous Amber Fort in Jaipur followed by visits to the Observatory.

    After lunch, we visit a local company and learn about how telecommunications and IT is empowering millions of Indians to get connected, generate more income and improve their quality of lives.  We also learn about the opportunities and problems that India’s fast-growing population offers to technology companies.

    The evening is free for the students to reflect upon the educational and cultural experiences of the trip so far and prepare for the next part of their journey. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 6: Visit Pushkar, Riding Camels and Sleeping Under The Stars

    We start the day by a transfer to the sleepy little town of Pushkar.  Pushkar is a holy town of the Hindus and boasts of over 500 temples.  But more important than that is the relaxed pace at which one can visit its charming markets and experience Hinduisms practices and rituals first hand.

    After lunch, we get ready to get stop the “ship of the desert” for a camel safari.  Going through sandy ravines, local villages where we can absorb the harsh yet colourful landscape of the Thar Desert, our safari concludes in a tent camp. After sunset, we can enjoy a clear view of the star-lit night sky with a barbecue dinner and some local music and dance. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 7: Transfer To Lalsot, Orientation And Community Engagement

    After breakfast in our tent camp, we return to Pushkar for freshening up followed by a transfer to the village of Lalsot.

    After arriving late afternoon in Lalsot, we get settled into our accommodation.

    After a bit of rest, you will be given an Orientation on your program in Lalsot and the community engagement activities that you are starting from the next day. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) 

  • DAY 8: Community Engagement Starts in Lalsot

    Today, after breakfast, we start our first day of community engagement in Lalsot and nearby rural communities.  The project would consist of two parts.  The first half would be displaying educational information on science and technology for local school kids and community members and the afternoon would be to build a simple water harvesting system for one of the local public buildings.  There would be plenty of opportunities to interact with the people and gain authentic cultural experiences and interactions.

    On some days, after community engagement activities are complete, we would organise some activities for you to immerse more in the local culture and flavour.

    Notes:The exact schedule of these activities may vary based on availability.

    Today, as a light activity we participate in a Henna painting workshop.

    Overnight in Lalsot Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 9: Community Engagements, Visits And Activities Continue In Lalsot

    The project work continues as per the pre-organized community engagement activity plan. Our day begins around 9 AM after breakfast and continues up to about 3 PM in the afternoon, including a lunch break.

    In the afternoon, we visit the office/s of a telecom company’s local operation unit.

    Overnight in Lalsot Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 10: Community Engagements, Visits And Activities Continue In Lalsot

    Community engagement project continues from morning until early afternoon.

    In the afternoon, we visit local engineering officials who manage electricity, water, sewerage and other public utilities for the local population.

    Overnight in Lalsot Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 11: Community Engagements, Visits And Activities Continue In Lalsot

    Community engagement project continues from morning until early afternoon.

    Today we visit and interact with local automobile “engineers” – see how a lack of resources ( including formal education in engineering) is surmounted by locals in their own ingenious ways.

    Overnight in Lalsot Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 12: Community Engagements, Visits And Activities Continue In Lalsot

    Community engagement project continues from morning until early afternoon.

    Late afternoon cultural activity of dressing up like the local people, a great photo opportunity before we depart from the location for the journey back to Delhi.

    Overnight in Lalsot Accommodation. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 13: Conclude Your Community engagement project in Lalsot & Return Transfer to Delhi

    Today would be the last day of the community engagement project, and we bid farewell to the community members that we have been working with.

    Late morning transfer to Sawai Madhopur for a day train journey back to New Delhi.

    Post-arrival transfer to hotel for check in and farewell dinner. (Meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • DAY 14: Transfer To Airport For Flight Back Home

    After breakfast, we bring you to the airport for your flight back home.

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