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Worldaway Tours welcomes you to a journey to an exotic land to learn about a subject that affects everyone on Earth!

The Vietnam War & Peace Tour takes you alongside for Vietnam’s endeavor towards freedom, featuring fascinating tours, museums, and historical sites along the way.

Your first full day shows you The Way To Freedom and takes you deep into the First Indochina War as you learn about Vietnam from 1858 to 1945 and see firsthand the rudimentary weapons used during the period at the Vietnam National Historical Museum!

The afternoon features famous 48 Hang Ngang Street and the Ho Chi Minh Museum-his stilt house, garden, and an experience making a pair of his rubber slippers!

Tuesday of the Vietnam War & Peace Tour is a morning at the Vietnam National Historical Museum in the 1946-1954 artifacts collection and an afternoon visit to Van Phuc Silk Village, the oldest traditional silk village in Northern Vietnam!

The next day, experience the American war through artifacts collection and enjoy an afternoon of working in the discovery room and learning the ropes of being a museum guide!

Day 5 of the Vietnam War & Peace Tour is a real treat. Enjoy a trip to the Hoa Lo Prison where John McCain was a prisoner of war and spend another afternoon as an assistant employee at the Vietnam National Historical Museum!

Spend Friday on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and enjoy the Ho Chi Minh Museum, learning all about how the trail was used as a trade route during the Vietnam War and learn how to play the soldier’s game of “Truong Son hammock” (moving sleepers of Viet Cong soldiers).

Saturday begins a weekend of fun! Journey to the Bai Tu Long Bay on an overnight Oriental Sails Cruise!

Explore the harbor and the Vung Vieng Fishing Village-one of the largest fishing villages in Halong Bay and experience the life of a local fisherman!

Enjoy Happy Hour and a delicious dinner on the deck before Sunday morning cruise activities and an afternoon return to Hanoi to finish off an exciting and relaxing weekend!

Week 2 of the Vietnam War & Peace Tour is truly a Journey of Dreams! Experience the Vietnam National Historical Museum exhibit that shares the same name on Monday and visit Dong Hoi & Khe Xanh, two of Vietnam’s can’t miss destinations!

Experience the magic of the Vietnamese coastline as the Vietnam War & Peace Tour takes a turn towards the peaceful Cua Tung Beach (featuring the Vinh Moc Tunnels, Quang Tri Citadel, & Hien Luong Bridge!

The final days of the Vietnam War & Peace Tour are a great opportunity to make lifelong memories of the amazing place that is Vietnam.

Dive into the Phong Nha Cave on Thursday as you travel to this magical place by boat before Friday Free Time in Dong Hoi!

Complete the trip with a Saturday Graduation Dinner in the evening at the Vietnam National History Museum, including the Certificate Ceremony!

History lovers rejoice as the Vietnam War & Peace Tour offers everything you could want in an educational vacation: Exciting adventure, cultural landmarks, and historical wonder!

Our Professional Tour Guides, comfortable accommodations, and well-planned itinerary combined with the splendor and intrigue of Vietnam are guaranteed to make this the trip of your life!


> Breakfast and accommodation in a twin/double room in Hanoi
> Local guesthouse in other provinces with breakfast at local restaurant (simple breakfast)
> Transfer in an appropriate private air-conditioned vehicle with an experienced safe driver
> Teachers for all lectures at the Vietnam National History Museum
> English-speaking interpreter & English speaking guide assisting during lectures and sightseeing
> All activities as mentioned in the programs and hands-on experience
> Shared overnight boat cruise in Ha Long bay with full board meals & current safety regulations
> Boat cruises as specified in the program comply
> Two ways train tickets from Hanoi to Dong Hoi and back, shared cabin with soft sleepers
> Where necessary, entry fees and permission for all visits mentioned in the program
> Invitation letter for Vietnamese visa on arrival
> Bottle mineral water and wet wipe on the bus during transfer
> VAT and other taxes

Not Included:

> International & domestic flight tickets and airport tax
> Other meals, except as specified above.
> Drinks, gratuities and personal expenses.
> Camera fees (if any)
> Travel Insurance

  • Day 1: Sunday - Arrival Day


    Arrival at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi.

    You will be welcomed by our guide and transferred to your hotel for check-in..

    Afternoon & Evening: Free time to explore Hanoi.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 2: Monday - Way to Freedom (First Indochina War)

    Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Meet with your guide and walk from the hotel to the VNHM.

    * Visit the collections at VNHM named “Way to Freedom”.

    * Learn about Vietnam from 1858 to 1945 through rudimentary weapons created and used by Vietnamese soldiers during First Indochina War (Vietnam – French war).

    * Watch documentary film: Vietnam in the Fall 1946 with English subtitle.

    Afternoon: 48 Hang Ngang Street & Ho Chi Minh Museum

    * Visit the house at 48 Hang Ngang Street where uncle Ho wrote Declaration of Independence for Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945.

    * Visit Ho Chi Minh Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Complex including: his stilt house, garden, his fish pond etc

    * Learn about the life and work of uncle Ho during this period in Vietnam history.

    * Hands-on experience of making “Uncle Ho’s rubber slippers”. This kind of slippers came with uncle Ho in his daily life and then produced & provided to all Vietnamese people and soldiers during during Vietnam War.

    * You make a pair of rubber slippers and try them on.

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 3: Tuesday - Independent Protection Period (1946 - 1954)

    Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Learn about the independent protection period of Vietnamese people from 1946 – 1954 through artifacts collection at VNHM.

    * Hands-on experience of “transport food to battlefield” – you will act like Vietnamese volunteers who delivered food to Dien Bien Phu battlefield.

    Afternoon: Van Phuc Silk Village

    * Visit Van Phuc Silk village in Ha Dong district. This is the oldest traditional silk village in the North of Vietnam.

    * Visit an ancient house where President Ho Chi Minh wrote “the call of National resistance” against the French colonists. This house today was listed into the most special national relics list.

    * You will also learn about traditional silk weaving from spinning to weaving steps.

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 4: Wednesday - Vietnam - America War (1954-1975)

    Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Study about Vietnam – American war through Artifacts collections.

    * Teamwork:

     – 1. Choose an artifact, present about that one.

     – 2. Print posters/placards by manual way.

    Afternoon: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Volunteer work at the museum, divided into two teams:

     – 1. Work at Discovery room.

     – 2. Learn to be a guide at the museum.

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 5: Thursday - Hanoi - City for Peace

    Morning: Hoa Lo Prison

    * Visit Hoa Lo Prison Museum where John McCain was prisoner.

    * Teamwork with the subject of “finding the memorandums of American veterans displayed at the museum”.

    Afternoon: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Volunteer work at the museum, divided into two teams:

    – 1. Work at Discovery room.

    – 2. Learn to be a guide at the museum.

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 6: Friday - Desire for Reunification

    Morning: Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum

    * Visit the museum of Ho Chi Minh Trail. This trail is a major supply route used by North Vietnam during Vietnam War.

    Afternoon: Ho Chi Minh Trail Museum

    * Experience “a day to be Vietnamese soldiers” by learning how to fold a blanket, mosquito net in army way.

    * Join in the game of “Truong Son hammock” – moving sleepers of Viet Cong Soldiers during Vietnam war.

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 7: Saturday - Explore Ha Long Bay on The Oriental Sails

    Morning: Transfer to Ha Long Bay

    * Pick-up from hotel at 8am, drive for 3 & 1/2 hrs to Hong Gai Tourists Wharf where you will check in at the Oriental Sails JSC’s private waiting hall – The OS Lounge.

    * Embark on Oriental Sails by transfer boat at 12.45pm, listen to cruise briefing & receive your room key.

    Afternoon: Cruise the Limestone Islands of Bai Tu Long Bay

    * Enjoy a delectable lunch onboard the Oriental Sails while it cruises further along the Limestone Islands of Bai Tu Long Bay.

    * The Oriental Sails will cruise towards Vung Vieng Fishing Village – one of the largest fishing villages in Halong Bay – to see the life of local fishermen.

    Evening: Happy Hour, Dinner & Dancing

    * Enjoy Happy Hour at the bar on the sun deck while watching the sun set.

    * Dinner is served at 7pm, then its time to socialize with other guests, go squid fishing or just laze around.

    * Singing & dancing activities are available until 10pm.

    MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    Accommodation: Oriental Sails.

  • DAY 8: Sunday - Wake up on The Oriental Sails then Head back to Hanoi

    Morning: Oriental Sails

    * Enjoy more activities onboard The Oriental Sails.

    * Have an early lunch.

    Afternoon: Back to Hanoi

    * Disembark Oriental Sails around 12pm.

    * Travel back to Hanoi & arrive around 4.30pm.

    MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 9: Monday - Renovation – The Journey of Dreams

    Morning: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Visit collections at VNHM about “Renovation – Journey of Dreams” – study Vietnam in subsidy period and how Vietnam had changed in Renovation Period.

    Afternoon: Vietnam National Historical Museum (VNHM)

    * Eat some kinds of food in subsidy period such as steamed rice mixed with cassava or sweet potato etc so students can know the difference in living standard between two periods.

    Evening: Transfer to railway station, overnight train to Dong Hoi

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Overnight on the train.

  • DAY 10: Tuesday - Dong Hoi & Khe Xanh

    Morning: Dong Hoi

    * Arrive in Dong Hoi early morning.

    * Breakfast at local restaurant.

    * Transfer to Khe Xanh.

    Afternoon: Ta Kon Army Airport

    * Visit Ta Kon Army Airport, Van Kieu Minority Village & Ho Chi Minh Trails.

    MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    Accommodation: Local Guesthouse in Khe Xanh.

  • DAY 11: Wednesday - Cua Tung Beach

    * Trasfer to Cua Tung Beach, visit Vinh Moc Tunnels, Quang Tri Citadel & Hien Luong Bridge – (DMZ area in the center on VN)

    MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    Accommodation: Local Guesthouse in Cua Tung Beach.

  • DAY 12: Thursday - Phong Nha Cave

    * Head back to Dong Hoi in the morning, then visit Phong Nha Cave by boat.

    MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

    Accommodation: Local Guesthouse in Dong Hoi.

  • DAY 13: Friday - Dong Hoi

    * Enjoy some free time in Dong Hoi.

    Evening: Take a night train back to Hanoi

    MEALS: Breakfast.

    Accommodation: Overnight on the train.

  • DAY 14: Saturday - Graduation Dinner

    Morning: Arrive in Hanoi early morning

    * Transfer to local beef noodle restaurant for breakfast.

    * Transfer to hotel.

    Afternoon: Free Time

    Evening: Graduation Dinner

    * 6pm – Graduation Dinner at the Vietnam National History Museum where you will receive your Graduation Certificate!

    MEALS: Breakfast, Dinner.

    Accommodation: Hanoi Boutique Hotel.

  • DAY 15: Sunday - Departure Day

    * Free time until its time to head to the airport.

    * Transfer to Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi for departure flight.

Like all of our exciting Educational Tour options, this tour offers participants a carefully crafted balance of learning elements (lessons, lectures, seminars, field study, etc), planned activities and excursions (cultural activities, mini-tours, sightseeing, etc) and free time for you to explore in your own way or to simply relax. This is what makes Worldaway Learning Tours so unique!

Here’s what you can expect on this tour*:

Free Time

*Breakdown provided for informational purposes only. Individual experiences may differ. 

Our ‘Start Dates’ represent the day that you should arrive into the country. This is officially the first day of the tour and is the day that the local guide has set aside to meet and collect the tour participants. To allow this to be a smooth process, we ask that you do your best to arrive in the morning of the official start day. If you’re having troubles finding a suitable flight, or if you are worried about your flight arrival time, let us know so that we can assist.

No. Flights are not included in the listed tour price. We have participants joining our tours from all around the world, and as such we believe that individuals can find the best deals on their own. Need some help finding flights? We can guide you to some great resources, so just ask.

*We strongly recommend that you only purchase flights once your tour has been confirmed.

Yes. It is important that you are covered in the event of something terrible (or just terribly annoying) happening. Whether it’s a last-minute flight change, losing your luggage, or falling ill while abroad, if you have proper travel insurance cover, you can sit back and enjoy the experience worry-free.

We believe that World Nomads is the best insurance provider for adventure travelers. Policies through World Nomads cover trip cancellation, medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, as well as lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings. Their policies are extremely competitive so get your free no obligation quote here!

It is each traveler’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct tourist entry visa/s and any necessary vaccinations. Both of these items depend on your own background – i.e. What passport are you travelling on? What vaccinations you have had previously? We can certainly help guide you through the process and have lots of great advice to give, so again, just ask.

Yes! While we welcome groups, families, couples and friends, our Learning Tours are also designed with individual travelers in mind. You’ll be part of a larger group which is made up of other intrepid travelers from all over the world. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and we’re sure you will make a few long-lasting friendships.

On most tours the minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 12. Group sizes vary at different times of the year, but generally speaking we will do our best to ensure there is at least 4 participants on each tour where possible.

In most cases, yes! There are some instances where tour participants will travel by foot, like walking a short distance between your accommodation and a learning or activity center for example, but for everything else, the transport is all arranged for you!

As mentioned above, flights, visas, insurance and vaccinations are not included – so these costs are additional to the listed tour price. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Airport taxes and entry/departure fees (if not included in your flight ticket)
  • Additional food, drinks and snacks
  • Money for optional activities /excursions (where available)
  • Personal spending money (think souvenirs!)

The amount of additional money you may need is impossible for us to judge, and really does depend on your own spending habits, but if you have any questions about this, or want some help working out your budget, just let us know.

In most cases, no. Breakfast is often included at your accommodation, but lunches and dinners will be subject to the tour itinerary. As such, some are included, some are not, but this does of course provide a wonderful opportunity to try out the local cuisine for yourself.

Yes. It has become fairly common for tour participants to request special dietary provisions, so in most cases this can easily be catered for. If you have concerns about this though, let us know and we can discuss it with complete confidentiality.

Yes, absolutely! Free time is an important part of every tour. There is nothing more frustrating than having to follow a strict and unforgiving itinerary. Where possible, you will have free time to explore, partake in some of the local attractions and activities, or simply relax – it’s up to you!

Great! Simply follow the prompts on the ‘Book Now’ tab to secure your spot on this truly unique adventure. As soon as we receive your booking, we’ll get to work making sure everything is organized for you. It’s that easy!

Once you have completed the booking form you can secure your spot by paying a deposit of US$500. This is part of the total tour price and will be deducted from your final invoice. The balance needs to be paid 6 weeks prior to your tour start date. Don’t worry – we will send you a reminder when that time comes and an invoice which you can simply click and pay.

*If you wish to join a tour that is starting in less than 30 days, you will be prompted to pay the entire tour fee at the time of booking.

We know you are going to have a great time and learn a lot on this tour – but don’t take our word for it! Here is just a sample of the feedback we have received from recent participants:

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Vietnam War & Peace Tour (15 Days)

Inc. English-Speaking Interpreter & Guides to Assist During Lectures & sightseeing!!
US$ 2310
  • Boutique Hotels & Local Guesthouses w/Daily Breakfast
  • Twin/Double Share w/Bathroom (Single Room Supplement: +US$330)
  • Vietnam National Historical Museum
  • Cruise the Limestone Islands of Bai Tu Long Bay on the Oriental Sails!
  • Transfers in a Private Air-Conditioned Vehicle with an Experienced Safe Driver!
  • Teachers for all Lectures at the Vietnam National History Museum!
  • 2 x Airport Transfers
  • including:
  • Accommodation, Daily Transportation & Excursions
  • Certificate of Completion

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