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Take a walk on the South African Wild Side on this Wild South African Conservation Tour!

All animal and nature lovers welcome to the Coast of South Africa to Cape Town and the surrounding Wildlife Conservations for a the trip of a lifetime!

This Enlightening and Entertaining Educational Vacation takes you on a journey through the South African Bush to the finest, most exotic Nature Conservatories for both animals and marine life on the entire continent!

No other tour on earth lets you see more than 700 hundred species of animals including the Big 5 (Lions, Leopards, African Buffalo, Rhinoceros, and Elephants) along with sharks and other marine life as well!

Warm yourself up to Cape Town on your first full day with a Walking Tour of City Center and an in-depth tour of the South African Museum (part of the Museum Mile of South Africa) to develop a connection to the city.

The first week of the Wild South Africa Conservation Tour is complete with eye-opening and exhilarating tours: A visit to the Gansbaai Shark Conservation Tour includes a dive in a Shark Cage! Trips to the Cape Agulhas National Park, Cheetah-Land, the Cango Caves, and the Outeniqua Nature Reserve highlight the rest of the week- experiences that are as scenic as they are enlightening.

Week 2 starts off with a plunge as the Wild South Africa Conservation Tour moves to Plettenberg Bay for the Padi Instructory Dive Course! A trip to the Cat Conservation at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre follows for the large feline lovers, and then comes the incredible Elephant Santuary and a magical trip to Monkeyland.

Switch gears on Day 11 for a day of catching waves in Jeffrey’s Bay that includes professional surfing lessons in the same waters as the largest mavericks on Earth followed by the scenic tour to the next hotel in Port Elizabeth…

AND THEN: Prepare to be amazed on one of the most desired vacation experiences in the world! The South Africa Conservation Tour finishes with a bang on the 4-Day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour! Witness gigantic Elephants in their natural habitats in Addo before visiting the Mountain Zebra National Park that includes the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra along with 700 species of wildlife (cheetah, lion, buffalo, eland, kudu, and more!). The tour concludes in the majestic Valley of Desolation, an awe inspiring valley that includes some of the most amazing volcanic rock formations and scenic views in the all of South Africa.

For animal lovers, avid travelers, and marine life enthusiasts, this tour will make your jaw hit the floor and is guaranteed to change your life. Whether you want to treat yourself or bring the whole family, you really can’t miss this 16 Day Wild South Africa Conservation Tour.

  • Day 1: Arrival Day (Sunday)


    Arrival at Cape Town International Airport and transfer to hotel.

    Group Welcome Dinner (for those who have arrived early enough).

  • DAY 2: Orientation, City Walking Tour & South African Museum

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Cape Town City Walking Tour.
    There is no better way to discover a city than by walking its streets, uncovering its history and mingling with the locals.  The guides are very knowledgeable, polite and politically correct – which makes for an authentic experience that will leave you feeling a greater connection to the Mother City.


    Visit to the South African Museum.
    Situated in the Company’s Garden and part of the popular Museum Mile, the South African Museum is home to more than 1.5-million items of cultural and scientific significance.  Ranging from fossils and Stone Age tools to a dinosaur exhibit.  Make sure you visit the Whale Well, where among the giant whale bones and life-size casts of marine creatures, musical recitals are often held.

    Evening free.

  • DAY 3: Shark Conservation Day-Tour – Gansbaai (incl. Shark Cage-Dive!)

    Going Great White Shark Diving in South Africa and more specifically a trip on the Slashfin, is a combination of goose-bump thrills, education and relaxation on a luxury boat in the company of experienced experts, marine biologists and researchers!  They will show you how to distinguish between a male and female shark and how to identify a specific shark by its unique dorsal fin and scars.  You will be introduced to various conservation methods and actions brought in to protect our precious marine life.  The 20 – 25 minute boat trip to where the activity is to take place, is by itself an exhilarating adventure.

    Named after a legendary 3.3 m male shark with a very distinctive dorsal fin, the Slashfin is a unique, multi-million rand aluminium boat custom designed for speed, stability, safety and space and can comfortably accommodate 40 passengers and the crew at a time.  On any given day, we also usually see at least two or more members of the Marine Big Fivesharks, dolphins, whales, seals and penguins, as well as several bird species.

    Accommodation: in Gansbaai.

  • DAY 4: Cape Agulhas National Park & De Hoop Nature Reserve Hike

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Visit to Cape Agulhas National Park.
    You’ll get to visit the southernmost tip of the African continent, walk through and explore the nature reserve, as well as visit the famous Agulhas Lighthouse & Museum.


    Afternoon hike at De Hoop Nature Reserve.
    This beautiful and diverse nature reserve is a hiking paradise.  De Hoop’s Klipspringer and Coastal Trails allow visitors to explore the reserve’s rich plant and wildlife.  De Hoop is also renowned for the famous Whale Trail, a multi-day hike that traverses stunning scenery and offers the chance to spot Southern Right Whales along the coastline.

    Evening Free.

    Accommodation: in Swellendam Town.

  • DAY 5: Cheetah-land & Cango Caves

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Visit Cheetah-land at Cango Wildlife Ranch.
    Cheetah-land was established in 1988 as a wild cat conservation camp, and it is the oldest and biggest Cheetah contact center in the world.  This sanctuary to Africa’s endangered cats is preserved in the Karoo’s picturesque town of Oudtshoorn.  Here seeing and feeling the cats and their cubs promotes awareness of their plight and population threat.  One hundred Cheetah have been bred here in captivity to ensure their survival.  Having been hand reared these cats are familiar with human contact allowing face to face human to cub and human to cheetah encounters for volunteering visitors.  Only 3000 Bengal Tigers are left in the world and Cheetah-land is home to the first of these cubs born on African soil.  Extinct in nature for over 12 years two rare White Lion cubs can also be seen at this reserve having been rescued and bottle fed to health.  The endangered Jaguar cats native to the Americas can also be seen leaping at this ranch.  This breeding and conservation project encompasses all magnificent striped and spotted wild cats.


    Visit Cango Caves.
    Situated in a limestone ridge parallel to the well known Swartberg Mountains, you will find the finest dripstone caverns, with their vast halls and towering formations.  Cango Caves is the only show cave in Africa which offers a choice of Heritage (easy) or Adventure Tours.  All tours are lead by experienced, knowledgeable and accredited Caves Guides.

    Accommodation: in Oudtshoorn Town.

  • DAY 6: Outeniqua Nature Reserve

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Visit the Outeniqua Nature Reserve.
    Located close to the Garden Route town of George and easily accessible from Mossel Bay, Knysna and Oudtshoorn, the Outeniqua Nature Reserve is about a five-hour drive from Cape Town.  Spanning 38,000 hectares, the reserve encompasses the mountain ranges that fall between the coast and the semi-arid Klein Karoo.  The primary attraction here is the opportunity to traverse the five mountain passes that fall within the reserve and explore the area’s rich diversity on the walking and hiking trails.  The name Outeniqua is believed to mean “those who bear honey” and is ascribed to the San and Khoi people who once inhabited the mountains.  Their rock paintings are found throughout the reserve, depicting animals, hunters and honeycombs.

    Dinner & accommodation: in George.

  • DAY 7: Transfer to Plettenberg Bay & Start PADI Introductory Dive Course

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Then drive to Plettenberg Bay.


    First half of PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course (3-4hrs). The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course is the perfect quick and easy introduction to the fun and adventure of scuba diving & it ONLY takes 1 day!  Meet at our Dive Centre where you will run through the safety rules and skill techniques with a diving professional.  Your PADI Pro will then provide you with all the basic scuba gear including a mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive gauges and a tank.  Then it’s straight to the pool, where you will find out what it is like to breathe underwater for the first time!  Once you have mastered key skills in the swimming pool and discovered how easy it is to move around underwater with your gear.  It is off to the ocean for a sea dive.

    Full tuition by an internationally certified PADI Professional.
    Confined water/swimming pool session.
    1 afternoon sea dive.
    1 morning sea dive with the seals.
    Full use of scuba gear.
    Certificate of Recognition with PADI International Limited.

    Evening Free.

    Accommodation: in Plettenberg Bay.

  • DAY 8: Complete PADI Introductory Dive course

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Second half of Scuba Diving course including dive with seals.


    Afternoon and Evening Free to explore the town.

    Accommodation: in Plettenberg Bay.

  • DAY 9: Cat Conservation Tour

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Full-day Cat Conservation Tour – Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre.
    An inspirational, exclusive program geared towards the animal lover who enjoys adventure in conservation.  This program gives you an insight into the daily activities at Tenikwa and is designed to keep you enthralled throughout the day.  With a window into our wildlife rehabilitation facilities and interesting “behind the scenes” activities, enjoy the day with the resident animals who call Tenikwa their home.  A special part of the day for guests and cheetahs alike, is the time spent in the Cape Floral Fynbos where our cheetahs get the opportunity to explore their extended territory.  Only a few guests each day are privileged to observe the cheetahs during this special time, making it a really unique experience.  Surrounded by forest sounds, one can easily get mesmerized by the beauty of nature.  The day is fun, it’s adventurous.  Expect the Unexpected!

    Accommodation: in Plettenberg Bay.

  • DAY 10:Elephant Sanctuary & Monkeyland

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Elephant Sanctuary.
    Visitors can learn more about elephant habits, behaviour, different personalities and anatomy through up-close and personal interaction.  You get an opportunity to touch, feed and even walk trunk-in-hand with these magnificent animals.  The Elephant Sanctuary provides a “halfway house” for young African elephants in need of a temporary home.  It is the only operation in South Africa that provides for elephants in this way . Elephants are released into an environment where they can be more independent once they are older and no longer require the special care.


    Swing yourself into a tree thick primate sanctuary and explore un-caged monkeys and pre-monkey species that take your affection captive.  A free walking foot safari of Monkeyland transports you into a land of big bright eyes that remind you of your own and bushy tails that remind you of your tree-house daydreaming days.  Eco-sensitive trails reveal these fascinating free-roaming mammals in their natural habitat; some rescued or rehabilitated and some born in this Garden Route kingdom.  Knowledgeable game-rangers guide visitors to the discovery of monkeys foraging, mating, playing an unaware of their human audience.  Resident monkey species include; Black-handed Spider Monkeys, Black Lemurs, Black & White Ruffed Lemurs, Brown Howlers, Bushbabies, Capuchins, Common Marmosets, Common Squirrel Monkeys, Cottontop Tamarins, Golden-handed Tamarins, Northern Grey Necked Owl Monkeys, Ringtail Lemurs, Tufted or Brown Capuchins, Spectacled Langurs, Vervent Monkeys and White-handed GibbonsAfrica, Asia, Madagascar and South America are all represented by a playful monkey breed.  Diverse bird-life sing through the forest while multi-lingual tours guides part with monkey secrets and monkey’s mimic amused on-lookers; “monkey see, monkey do” afterall.  Walk amongst indigenous tree trunks and shrubs of a 23 Hectare Afromontane Forest with branches reaching up to 60m skyward.

    Accommodation: in Plettenberg Bay.

  • DAY 11: J-Bay Surfing Lesson & Transfer to Port Elizabeth

    Breakfast at hotel.

    Drive to Jeffrey’s Bay for lunch and Surfing lesson.

    Scenic 50min drive to Port Elizabeth.

    Accommodation: in Port Elizabeth.

  • DAY 12: 4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour, Day 1

    4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour begins (See Highlights below).

  • DAY 13: 4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour, Day 2

    4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour continues (See Highlights below).

  • DAY 14: 4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour, Day 3

    4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour continues (See Highlights below).

  • DAY 15: 4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour, Day 4 + Graduation Day & Departure

    4-day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour concludes (See Highlights below).

    Group Graduation Celebration!

  • DAY 16: Departure Day

    Afternoon transfer to Port Elizabeth Airport for departure flight.


Addo Elephant National Park: The third largest national park in South Africa and home to a huge variety of wildlife, including more than 600 elephants, as well as lion, the endangered Black Rhino, Cape buffalo, leopard, spotted hyena, antelope, an array of bird species, and the very unique Addo Flightless Dung Beetle.  Tented shared accommodation with twin beds and a full day game drive in the Addo Elephant National Park included.

Mountain Zebra National Park: Opened in 1937, this park initially provided a nature reserve for the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra. Today the park has more than 700 species of wildlife including zebra, cheetah, lion, buffalo, eland, kudu, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, blesbok and gemsbok. Also known for its sightings of some rare wildlife, like the aardwolf, bat-eared fox and caracal.  The combination of wildlife and landscape provide the perfect recipe for any nature lover.  Tented shared accommodation (no beds) with a full day game drive in the Mountain Zebra National Park and Cheetah Tracking on foot included (3 to 4 hours).

Nieu Bethesda: Nieu-Bethesda is a village in the Great Karoo heartland of South Africa.  A massive arid part of the country that spans more than 400,000 sqaure kilometers.  Situated at the foot of the Sneeuberge Mountains, this little village offers vast open plains, majestic mountains and champagne air.

Camdeboo National Park: Only a stone’s throw from one of the oldest towns in South Africa, Graaff-Reinet lies the majestic Valley of Desolation.  This awe inspiring valley is the product of the volcanic and erosive forces of nature over a period of 200-million years, its many rock columns, formations and never ending views provide some of the most unique scenery in South Africa.

Like all of our exciting Educational Tour options, this tour offers participants a carefully crafted balance of learning elements (lessons, lectures, seminars, field study, etc), planned activities and excursions (cultural activities, mini-tours, sightseeing, etc) and free time for you to explore in your own way or to simply relax. This is what makes Worldaway Learning Tours so unique!

Here’s what you can expect on this tour*:

Free Time

*Breakdown provided for informational purposes only. Individual experiences may differ. 

Our ‘Start Dates’ represent the day that you should arrive into the country. This is officially the first day of the tour and is the day that the local guide has set aside to meet and collect the tour participants. To allow this to be a smooth process, we ask that you do your best to arrive in the morning of the official start day. If you’re having troubles finding a suitable flight, or if you are worried about your flight arrival time, let us know so that we can assist.

No. Flights are not included in the listed tour price. We have participants joining our tours from all around the world, and as such we believe that individuals can find the best deals on their own. Need some help finding flights? We can guide you to some great resources, so just ask.

*We strongly recommend that you only purchase flights once your tour has been confirmed.

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It is each traveler’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct tourist entry visa/s and any necessary vaccinations. Both of these items depend on your own background – i.e. What passport are you travelling on? What vaccinations you have had previously? We can certainly help guide you through the process and have lots of great advice to give, so again, just ask.

Yes! While we welcome groups, families, couples and friends, our Learning Tours are also designed with individual travelers in mind. You’ll be part of a larger group which is made up of other intrepid travelers from all over the world. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and we’re sure you will make a few long-lasting friendships.

On most tours the minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum is 12. Group sizes vary at different times of the year, but generally speaking we will do our best to ensure there is at least 4 participants on each tour where possible.

In most cases, yes! There are some instances where tour participants will travel by foot, like walking a short distance between your accommodation and a learning or activity center for example, but for everything else, the transport is all arranged for you!

As mentioned above, flights, visas, insurance and vaccinations are not included – so these costs are additional to the listed tour price. In addition, you should consider the following:

  • Airport taxes and entry/departure fees (if not included in your flight ticket)
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The amount of additional money you may need is impossible for us to judge, and really does depend on your own spending habits, but if you have any questions about this, or want some help working out your budget, just let us know.

In most cases, no. Breakfast is often included at your accommodation, but lunches and dinners will be subject to the tour itinerary. As such, some are included, some are not, but this does of course provide a wonderful opportunity to try out the local cuisine for yourself.

Yes. It has become fairly common for tour participants to request special dietary provisions, so in most cases this can easily be catered for. If you have concerns about this though, let us know and we can discuss it with complete confidentiality.

Yes, absolutely! Free time is an important part of every tour. There is nothing more frustrating than having to follow a strict and unforgiving itinerary. Where possible, you will have free time to explore, partake in some of the local attractions and activities, or simply relax – it’s up to you!

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The Wild South Africa Conservation Tour (16 Day)

Inc. 2-Day PADI Dive Course & 4-Day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour
US$ 4300
  • Quality Hostel/Lodge/B&B w/Daily Breakfast
  • Double or Twin-Share w/Bathroom (Single Supplement: +US$150)
  • Visit 2 x National Parks, 5 x Conservation Programs & 2 x Nature Reserves!
  • Cultural Activities, City Walking Tour + Surfing Lessons at J-Bay!
  • Plus: Take a 2-Day PADI Introductory Dive Course
  • 2 x Airport Transfers
  • 4-Day Addo to Karoo Safari Tour
  • including:
  • Accommodation w/Meals, Bilingual Guide, Daily Transportation and Excursions
  • Certificate of Completion

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